Protective Sleeves

Our protective sleeves offer great versatility and specific protection against abrasion, heat, slash, liquids, chemicals or any of the other on the job hazards you don't want your arms exposed to.



Choosing Arm Protection

Don't be a caveman! Make a civilized choice with Superior Glove.

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Cut-Resistant Sleeves Cut-Resistant Sleeves

Protective arm sleeves in a variety of lengths made from Kevlar®, Dyneema®, leather, ballistic nylon mesh or high-tenacity filament yarn.

Heat-Resistant Sleeves Heat-Resistant Sleeves

Variety of flame and fire-retardant work sleeves in materials like Protex® yarn, Coolmax® lining, composite knit yarns and composite filament fibers.

Puncture Resistant Sleeves Puncture Resistant Sleeves

Arm protection sleeves with Punkban™, made with a patented Kevlar® textile weaving process for superior puncture & cut resistance.

Kevlar® Protective Sleeves Kevlar® Protective Sleeves

Selection of protective arm stockinettes in various lengths, styles and ASTM cut resistance levels. Several with thumb holes for added wrist protection.

Cotton Protective Sleeves Cotton Protective Sleeves

Variety of cotton, cotton-flannel or terry-knit protective sleeve for light-duty or low hazard environments. Variety of lengths to match your specific need.

Other Sleeves Other Sleeves

These protective sleeves are excellent for food handling, process or pharmaceutical applications.