Chemstop™ Butyl Chemical Resistant Gloves

Product ID: BU3535

Chemstop™ Butyl Chemical Resistant Gloves


Chemstop™ butyl and Viton®-butyl gloves are highly impermeable to gas or water vapors, protecting workers who handle highly toxic substances. Butyl construction is flexible, providing excellent dexterity even in low temperatures. Butyl protects against esters, ketones, strong oxidizing agents and a wide range of harsh chemicals that natural rubber is less effective against, because it is a harder and less porous material that nonetheless has an elastic quality. Butyl rubber will degrade when exposed to agents such ammonia or certain solvents, but much more slowly than similar elastomers, making it the most robust material for chemical resistance gloves.

Viton®-butyl gloves go a step further, doubling your protection with gloves that protect against caustic chemicals in all temperature extremes. Viton® is a fluoroelastomer, which is a special purpose fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber with wide chemical resistance, especially in high temperature applications in different media. Suitable for a wide variety of highly toxic chemicals.

Available in 0.5mm thick (#BU3550), Viton®-butyl (#VI3035)

Viton® is registered trademarks of DuPont™ Performance Elastomers.


  • Chemical Industry
  • Maintenance
  • Petro Chemical
  • Hazmat
  • Laboratory
  • Military


Item No. Description Sizes
BU3535 Butyl glove 35cm long and 0.35mm thick 8 - 10
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Chemstop™ Butyl Chemical Resistant Gloves

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