Dexterity® Nitrile Palm-Coated Cut-Resistant String-Knit Glove

Product ID: S13KFGFNT


Cut-resistant 13-gauge knit is highly dexterous, yet provides stellar cut protection. Composite blend of Kevlar®wrapped around silica-infused fiber provides ASTM level-4 cut protection, withstanding 1712 grams of cutforce during testing.

The foam nitrile on the palms increases puncture and abrasion resistance and provides a superior grip in oil. These gloves are dipped over an ergonomic hand form for a natural, comfortable fit. Back of the hand is uncoated for good breathability.

Kevlar® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

Safety Ratings

ASTM ANSI Cut Level 4


  • Automotive
  • Light Metal Stamping, Fabrication
  • Small Parts Handling
  • Assembly
  • Glass Handling
  • Sheet Metal Work


Item No. Description Sizes
S13KFGFNT Dexterity® Kevlar®/silica-infused fiber string knit with foam nitrile palm coat 6 - 11
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Dexterity Palm-Coated Cut-Resistant String-Knit Glove

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