Dynastop® Needlestick-Resistant Full-grain Leather Glove

Product ID: DS9852

Dynastop® Needlestick-Resistant Full-grain Leather Glove


This revolutionary heavy-duty full-grain leather glove provides unbelievable cut and puncture protection when handling hazardous materials. However, it is the dexterity that will truly amaze you. The palms are fully lined with Dynastop®, a technology that utilizes a revolutionary carborundum membrane for high impenetrability. These gloves tested to level four in the standard EN 388 test for puncture. They also achieved level four for abrasion, level five for cut protection and level four for tearing and lacerations.

The other quality that truly sets them apart from other gloves offering this level of hazard protection is their dexterity and comfort. Gloves are flexible and lightweight, and it this increased dexterity that contributes to greater safety in the workplace by letting you hold onto objects more effectively, thus reducing the possibility of accidents. They also feature excellent oil and water resistance.

Safety Ratings

Cut Proof Level 5 Protection
ASTM ANSI Cut Level 5
Extreme cut hazards: heavy metal stamping, plate glass handling, meat and poultry, some pulp and paper applications.
Puncture Resistance Level 4 Protection
ASTM ANSI Puncture Resistance Level 4
Offers high protection against punctures.


  • Hazardous waste cleanup
  • Police, military
  • Garbage collection
  • Forestry
  • Recycling


Item No. Description Sizes
DS9852 Dynastop® puncture-resistant full-grain leather gloves 8 - 11
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Dynastop® Needlestick-resistant Full-grain Leather Glove

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