Endura Anti-Static Gloves with Rhovyl

Product ID: 375CSFRES

Endura Anti-Static Gloves with Rhovyl


Our Endura® Gloves features Flame-resistant Rhovyl® and ESD carbon-blended liners that will not melt, drip or form molten droplets, and therefore will not adhere to the skin in the event of flash fires. The full carbon filament in the built-in liner prevents static build-up, thereby minimizing the chance of sparks. With a resistance of 10.5 ohms, they are ideal for gas company workers. Besides being naturally non-flamable, Rhovyl resists mildew and other destructive biological agents and is easy care - machine washable and quick drying. It also wicks moisture away from hands, and insulates against both hot and cold temperatures.


  • Gas company workers
  • Linesmen & Utilities Industry
  • Steel & Iron Industry
  • Light-welding operations
  • Material handling
  • Mining


Item No. Description Sizes
375CSFRES Endura® cowgrain anti-static Lineman gloves with Rhovyl® liners, Kevlar® sewn S - XL
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Endura Anti-Static Gloves with Rhovyl

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