Extreme Dragon PBI/Kevlar High-Heat Gloves

Product ID: PBI83514

Extreme Dragon PBI/Kevlar High-Heat Gloves


Our Dragon™ series features an outer Kevlar® shell for protection against thermal burn around extreme heat (dry heat only) combined with a non-melting/combusting outer layer. Superior's Dragon™ PBI glove blends Kevlar® with polybenzimidaxazole fibre to protect your hands in high heat situations, providing you with worry-free high-heat protection. Low linting with ultra-low particulate shedding. The middle layer is 100% virgin wool knit with a high terry pile for excellent insulation, and glove is completely nylon-lined to minimize linting. Unbelievable protection and dexterity because the seamless-knit Kevlar® blend outer shell allows the Dragon™ to be made into a glove instead of a mitt.

Also available in 18"(PBI83518) length.

Kevlar® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

Safety Ratings

Heat Level 5 Rating
ASTM ANSI Heat Level 5
High heat protection up to 600° F (320° C).


  • Aluminum Extrusion
  • Steel Mills
  • Welding
  • Glass Plants (hot/dry glassware handling)
  • Extreme cold, such as liquid gas flask handling


Item No. Description Sizes
PBI83514 Extreme Dragon™ 14" PBI Kevlar® extreme heat wool liner. Mens
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Dragon PBI/Kevlar® High-Heat Gloves

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