Industry Gloves

In this section, we've classified gloves into ten major industries.

Within each industry are further divisions to help you zero in on a hand-protection solution more quickly than searching by type, narrowing your search to gloves that meet the specific needs of your occupation.

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Aerospace Gloves Aerospace Gloves

Various close fit general purpose and cut-resistant ASTM level 1-4 gloves, many with palm coating.

Agriculture Gloves Agriculture Gloves

General purpose & chemical-resistant gloves; protection from cuts, puncture, heat, cold and chemicals.

Automotive Gloves Automotive Gloves

Gloves for metal stamping, powertrain & parts assembly, paintline, electronics, plastics & moulding, coated glass handling, and protective arm sleeves.

Construction Gloves Construction Gloves

Work gloves for concrete, drywall, electrical, hvac, landscaping, lumber, masonry, material handling, operating engineers, plumbing & warehouse.

Electronics Gloves Electronics Gloves

Lightweight anti-static nylon gloves for excellent dexterity and touch sensitivity.

Food Processing Gloves Food Processing Gloves

FDA & CFIA approved gloves for food preparation and distribution, including bakers mitts and pads.

Glass Handling Gloves Glass Handling Gloves

Variety of string knits for heat protection, many palm coated for cut resistance and superior grip.

Oil and Gas Gloves Oil and Gas Gloves

Gloves for oilfield workers, oil rigs and drilling platforms, pipeline construction and oil delivery. Styles in anti-impact, mechanics, grip, palm-coated & more.

Pharmaceutical Gloves Pharmaceutical Gloves

Gloves for cleanrooms, biomed and lab facilities. Protection from hazards and product contamination.

Steel and Metal Fabrication Gloves Steel and Metal Fabrication Gloves

Gloves for extreme heat hazards. Wide variety of gloves for sharp, dry or oily metal applications.