Automotive Gloves

Serving the automotive market in the early years formed the heart and soul of our company and to this day occupies a special place in our hearts.

All our automotive gloves are developed with extensive real-world testing. We are continuously tweaking and redeveloping our styles in order to meet the ever-changing demands of this vital industry. Our extensive involvement with the automotive industry over many decades has led us to understand that cost, durability, and launderability are at the top of this list, and these factor into the development of our gloves.

We go the distance by customizing gloves for automotive manufacturers and stamping plants.

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    Best of Automotive Gloves Best of Automotive Gloves

    Our "Best of" automotive gloves & sleeves include most recommended and top sellers for metal stampers, auto assembly or paintline workers.

    Metal Stamping Gloves Metal Stamping Gloves

    High abrasion and cut protection for metal stampers.

    Powertrain Gloves Powertrain Gloves

    Variety of lightweight, fine-gauge string, nylon or composite knits for high dexterity or touch sensitivity. Many palm coated for additional hand protections.

    Automotive Assembly Gloves Automotive Assembly Gloves

    Wide variety of styles, like increased grip, high dexterity, touch sensitivity, palm coated for cut & slash protection. Arm sleeves also available.

    Automotive Painting Gloves Automotive Painting Gloves

    Auto spray painting gloves in styles like ESD to ground paintline workers, low or lint-free nylon or string knit, disposable or chemical resistant.

    Coated Glass Handling Gloves Coated Glass Handling Gloves

    Choice of styles offering non-marring grip or stellar puncture resistance.

    Anti-Static Electronics Gloves Anti-Static Electronics Gloves

    Anti-static nylon and carbon filament ESD gloves to dissipate electrostatic charges.

    Plastics Injection & Moulding Gloves Plastics Injection & Moulding Gloves

    Selection of Terry Knit gloves and sleeve with heat and cut protection for plastic injection mold trimming. Some with linings for oil resistance.

    Disposable Automotive Gloves Disposable Automotive Gloves

    Variety of 4-8 mil single use gloves. Many powder-free, textured for increased grip, in black or blue Nitrile that resists tears, snags and punctures.

    Cut-Resistant Sleeves Cut-Resistant Sleeves

    Protective arm sleeves in a variety of lengths made from Kevlar®, Dyneema®, leather, ballistic nylon mesh or high-tenacity filament yarn.

    Heat-Resistant Sleeves Heat-Resistant Sleeves

    Variety of flame and fire-retardant work sleeves in materials like Protex® yarn, Coolmax® lining, composite knit yarns and composite filament fibers.