Plumbing Gloves

Plumbers need gloves to cover a range of tasks. Chemical protection is needed for exposure to chemicals, solvents, adhesives and even standing water.

Good grip is just as essential since material handling very often involves wet surfaces such as sweating pipe.

For rugged plumbing jobs, like those working with electric eels, we offer the IronHide™ for heavy duty protection. For other jobs, we offer a range of gloves that protect your hands from cut, abrasion and chemical hazards, while providing excellent grip and dexterity.

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KeepKleen® 8 mil. Powder-Free Nitrile Disposable Gloves KeepKleen® 8 mil. Powder-Free Nitrile Disposable Gloves Item Number: RD8NPF

8 mil. powder-free nitrile gloves; CFIA-approved for Food Handling.

Chemstop™ Flock-Lined Nitrile Gloves Chemstop™ Flock-Lined Nitrile Gloves Item Number: NIF3018

Flocklined .018" thick nitrile glove. Exceptional puncture, abrasion and snag resistance.

Endura® Heavy-Duty Steel-Stitched Glove Endura® Heavy-Duty Steel-Stitched Glove Item Number: 66BSSRD

Heavy-duty steel-stitched gloves; split-leather glove body is out-seam sewn.