Food Processing Gloves

All hand protection supplied by Superior Glove to the food-processing industry meets FDA and CFIA guidelines. Within this category lies a vast array of individual jobs, each with specific requirements. Some involve extreme cut or mechanical hazard, while others are primarily concerned with contamination. Often, they involve both. There are myriad other hazards, from heat to chemical, and even to frostbite for those working in freezers. We offer a diverse range of food service products to protect against all these hazards, from innovative metal-detectable disposable gloves to industry-leading baking mitts.

Superior specializes in cut-resistant styles, a particular concern for the meat-processing industry. Furthermore, these styles are prewashed to ensure true sizing plus maximum cleanliness. A true fit is critical for optimum safety when dealing with cut hazard, and our process ensures this is not compromised.

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    Best of Food Processing Gloves Best of Food Processing Gloves

    Our "Best of" food processing gloves and sleeve include our most recommended and best selling for cut resistance and food safe approved.

    Cut-Resistant Meat and Fish Processing Gloves Cut-Resistant Meat and Fish Processing Gloves

    Serious cut resistance for meat processing involving knife hazards.

    Disposable Meat and Fish Processing Gloves Disposable Meat and Fish Processing Gloves

    Gloves for meat processing not involving knife hazards.

    Food Preparation Gloves Food Preparation Gloves

    Reusable prep gloves in latex, nitrile, heavy-duty neoprene, vinyl or chain mail. Some supported, unsupported or flock-lined for cold temperatures.

    Disposable Food Handling Gloves Disposable Food Handling Gloves

    Single-use food preparation gloves in materials like polyethylene, latex, nitrile or clear vinyl from 2 mil to 15 mil thicknesses. Powdered or powder-free.

    Canner Gloves Canner Gloves

    Latex and vinyl gloves that are CFIA approved for food handling. 12" length, unsupported, in 14, 18 or 20 mil. thickness, also available in flock-lined.

    Cut-Resistant Vegetable Processing Gloves Cut-Resistant Vegetable Processing Gloves

    Cut-resistant gloves for applications involving knife hazards.

    Disposable Vegetable Processing Gloves Disposable Vegetable Processing Gloves

    General purpose disposable work gloves for food prep not involving cut hazards.

    Food Distribution Gloves Food Distribution Gloves

    Styles for the Shipping and Handling of Food in all Temperatures.

    Bakers Mitts, Gloves and Pads Bakers Mitts, Gloves and Pads

    Heavy-duty Heat Protection