Oil and Gas Gloves

The type of hand injuries that occur in the oil and gas industry have inspired some unusual glove design. Crushing, pinching, cut and puncture hazards make up most of the serious injuries sustained by workers, so the kind of gloves needed to protect workers are highly specific. From the oil rigs in East Texas, all the way up to the sands of Fort MacMurray, workers involved in the areas of drilling, transportation, construction and refining face the same problems, the kind that gloves worn in other industries don’t even come close to meeting the needs of. Because of that, Superior is pleased to offer a selection of styles covering all the hand-protection needs of this industry.

Back-of-the-hand impact protection, arc flash protection, and most commonly, good grip in oil, constitute the main features of oil and gas hand protection. And remember: if you don’t see it here, don’t worry. We love a good challenge, and specialize in custom orders.

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Anti-Impact Oil Gloves Anti-Impact Oil Gloves

Serious anti-impact protection for the extreme dangers in the oilfield industry.

General Purpose Oil and Gas Gloves General Purpose Oil and Gas Gloves

Dual and multiple-purpose gloves geared to the unique hand-protection needs in oil and gas.

Oil-Resistant Leather Gloves Oil-Resistant Leather Gloves

Selection of goat-grain drivers treated with Oilbloc™ for oil & water repellency. Some Kevlar®, winter or Thinsulate™ lined, or anti-impact foam backing.

Oil-Resistant Cotton and String-Knit Gloves Oil-Resistant Cotton and String-Knit Gloves

Cotton-terry knit shells with either Nitrile liner for abrasion/cut resistance or PVC lining for heat resistance. Great for handling oily materials or metal parts.