Pharmaceutical Gloves

In the pharmaceutical industry, hand protection works both ways, protecting the worker from chemical hazards, and products from contamination.

To that end, Superior offers a range of gloves for the lab, the biomedical sector and applications requiring stringent control of particulate matter. Our selection of chemical-resistant gloves includes allergen-free styles, as well as many in different finishes and thicknesses.

Our in-house class-100 clean room allows us to clean-room process any knitted or dipped glove style to ISO 14644-1 and IES-RP-CC-006.2 specifications. Gloves are manufactured in an ISO 9002 facility and have excellent physical properties as per ASTM-3578-95. After washing, they are inspected and packed on stainless-steel tables, then heat-sealed in poly bags and double packed for high consistency and quality.

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Cleanroom and Biomed Gloves Cleanroom and Biomed Gloves

Lightweight, non-linting styles. Some are anti-static, and all can be clean-room processed.