Work Gloves Made In Canada

We make many work gloves right here in Acton Ontario Canada with Canadian materials. Offered in various styles like cut resistant, heat resistant, cotton & string knit, cleanroom styles and winter and cold weather/conditions gloves.

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Cleanroom Gloves Cleanroom Gloves

String knit glove with two continuous filaments of conductive carbon yarn for electrostatic dissipation. Comfort, dexterity & anti-static properties.

Cotton & String Knit Gloves Cotton & String Knit Gloves

Selection of cotton/polyester, cotton/lycra/spandex blend or nylon knit gloves. Also available in PVC-dotted and CFIA approved for food handling.

Cut-Resistant Gloves Cut-Resistant Gloves

Selection of composite string knits with Dyneema®, Kevlar®, and even Nitrile palm coated. In virtually all cut levels and in 7, 13 or 18 gauge knits.

Heat-Resistant Gloves Heat-Resistant Gloves

Selection of heat resistant gloves made with Kevlar® or Cool Grip® for up to heat protection level 5. Including a flame-resistant arc flash style glove.

Palm Coated Gloves Palm Coated Gloves

Selection of safety work gloves with Nitrile palm coating over 7 gauge or 15 gauge cotton string knit shells, offers puncture level 2 or 4 hand protection.

Winter Work Gloves Winter Work Gloves

Ragg wool yarn with extra long ribbed cuffs offer natural wind and water resistance and warmth for winter or cold conditions work environments.