North Sea Extreme-Cold Cryogenic Glove

Product ID: 645CRYO


Superior's extreme-cold cryogenic glove offers full hand protection specifically for working with liquid nitrogen. Frostbite occurs mainly when touching surfaces that have been cooled by cryogenic liquids, and the best hand protection in this scenario is a glove that provides insulation and has a loose fit. Our gloves protect against both contact injury and splash, and can be easily removed. They feature a silicone-coated palm, which has the added benefit of excellent grip in extreme temperatures; this material will not crack and remains flexible even at -250F (-160C). Four layers of material provide the high degree of insulation required for working in such extremes: an outer layer of silicone on the palm, combined with back/glove body made from a triple layer of tough polyester/polyurethane/polyester; two middle layers consisting of Porelle® waterproof liner, to protect against splash of cryogenic liquids and Thinsulate LiteLoft® (the highest thermal weight-efficiency available in a synthetic) ; and a final inside layer of cotton jersey for softness and comfort against the hand. Meets EN511 standards for extreme cold protection.


  • Working with liquid nitrogen
  • Extreme cold applications


Item No. Description Sizes
645CRYO Extreme cold cyrogenic glove, silicone coated palm, Porelle® waterproof liner, and Thinsulate LiteLoft® One size
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North Sea™ Extreme-Cold Cryogenic Glove

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