North Sea Winter Nitrile Coated Gloves

Product ID: N230FL


Nitrile rubber offers good puncture and abrasion resistance and stands up extremely well to chemicals and oils. The type used for this style is specially formulated to stay flexible in cold conditions, so gloves will not stiffen, crack, or lose their oil-resistant properties even in extreme cold. They also feature a sand-patch finish on the hand portion to channels oils and liquids away from the surface for increased grip.Glove support is cut and sewn from soft cotton jersey, and features a forchette thumb for better fit and comfort. The full winter-fleece lining cushions hands while keeping them warm and dry.


  • Commercial Fishing
  • Maintenance
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Automotive


Item No. Description Sizes
N230FL NORTH SEA blue nitrile glove, fully winter-fleece lined. Textured grip, gauntlet cuffs S - XXL
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North Sea 11" Winter-lined Chemical-resistant Supported Nitrile Glove

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