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This Valentine’s Day, Experience our Glove Making

by Julie

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Valentines Day Gift of Chocolate and GlovesTo us, there is nothing better than making glove. We take our time… we pay attention to detail… we try new things and we make sure everyone is happy with the end result.

We have a long history of glove making and with experience comes skill… so we definitely consider ourselves the best. In fact, since our modest beginning in 1910, we’ve now expanded into four manufacturing facilities… which means our superb glove making is enjoyed globally.

Protection Comes First

While glove making is fun and exciting, we all know protection is important. When developing our products, we always put you first and ensure protection remains at the forefront of everything we do.

When it comes to our glove making, though we don’t really have a “type,” we do have a special relationship with cut-resistance gloves. See how vast our experience is. (Psst, just between us, we got so comfortable we even made a video).

You’ll be happy to know that our glove making encompasses a range of “types” – they include chemical-resistance gloves, clean-room gloves, cotton and string-knit gloves, heat-resistance gloves, welders, mechanic gloves and so much more.  Have a look through our work glove offerings to see which glove making styles you’re most compatible with.

Glove Doesn’t Always Last Forever

While glove is a beautiful thing, we know it doesn’t always last forever, so have a look at disposable glove options.

Latex allergy? No problem, we’ve got options for that. Enjoy some gloving in vinyl, nitrile or polyethylene. You’ll find options suitable for a variety of applications.

Glove Lab

Right within our head office, we operate our own glove lab where we work tirelessly to try out new glove making techniques and test the results of our efforts. Workers often lock themselves in the glove lab, refusing to quit until they achieve the perfect result of glove making. (*HR Department, please pay close attention to the letter G in these references to glove making.)

If you haven’t already experienced Superior Glove Making, we hope that this Valentine’s Day you might be inspired to do so.  And for all the Superior Glovers out there…

Remember, be safe and always wear a glove.


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