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Heat Resistant Gloves

Cut-Resistant GlovesThere are many different factors that you should consider when choosing a pair of heat-resistant work gloves. Is the heat you will be working in dry or moist? Is the exposure thermal or atmospheric? Will there be open flames or sparks in the air in your workplace? What is the temperature that you will be working in? Will it involve mild heat or more extreme conditions? All of these questions are equally important, and will greatly help you find the pair of gloves that will be most suitable for your role and specific workplace conditions.

If you’re in search of gloves that are both heat resistant and great for protection against rough, sharp metal parts, we suggest you try our line of terry gloves: they have the added advantage of being cut resistant, and the terry cloth traps air to allow for excellent insulation. We also offer a variety of gloves made with Kevlar®, which increases the level of cut resistance when you are exposed to direct flame. As well, we also have a line of gloves with an outer layer of Temperbloc® (silicone-coated Kevlar®) which prevents burning or melting when hands come directly into contact with hot surfaces. Looking for a glove with a higher level of dexterity? Try our collection of SilaChlor®-lined gloves! Lastly, those looking to protect their hands from the most extreme temperatures should try our Dragon series; these gloves offer multiple layers of protection against the highest levels of heat, and their creation was inspired by steel fabrication workers.

Take a closer look into the many types of heat resistant gloves we offer.