"How am I supposed to choose from so many styles?"

At Superior, we have an expert team at the ready to help you navigate the 2500+ styles of gloves we produce. And while that number might seem a little high (how complicated can gloves really be?), it’s no accident. We make gloves for every industry, and within each industry comes a whole range of jobs, hand shapes and sizes, needs and so on. The combinations and permutations are endless! So, step one in choosing the right glove is knowing what mistakes to avoid. This is where our experts come in. They know gloves like the back of their hand, and  will combine their expertise with yours for a faster, better solution. They’ll ask you all kinds of questions about your current hand protection, what kinds of injuries you commonly deal with, etc.—in short, they work with you to get a better picture of what’s happening in your plant so they can fine-tune your program with the right glove, or gloves.  

A management program designed with you in mind

The program we developed for larger companies—Advocate—employs a holistic approach that eliminates the guesswork and builds in a flexible, company-based hand-protection program tailored to the specific needs of your workers. And best of all, it’s free.
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