Work Gloves 101

Choosing the right work glove has gotten more complicated than ever.

We can help. Check out some tips and resources below and make your search a whole lot easier.

**NEW** The Superior Glove ROI Calculator: aka. “The Money Maker”

– Fill out the calculator to quickly determine the ROI (Return on Investment) of your current or prospective PPE solutions. Then what? Save some money!

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Cut resistance 101

Cut Resistance 101
Learn more about the science of cut protection.

Sizing 101
Proper glove sizing and fit can avoid a potential work-place hazard.

Kevlar 101

Kevlar® 101
Learn more about Kevlar® fiber and its superior cut protection and high-temperature resistance.

Read more about about Dyneema "The World's Strongest Fiber"

Dyneema® 101
Learn more about what makes Dyneema® the worlds strongest fibre.

ROI Calculator
Determine the ROI (Return on Investment) of your current or prospective PPE solutions.

Chemical Resistance 101
Learn more about the benefit of coating materials like Natural rubber, Synethetic rubber, and Plastics.

Cuff Styles 101
Learn about cuff styles and materials.

Laundering 101

Laundering 101
Learn how to launder your gloves and sleeves, extend their life and save money.

Composite-yarns 101

Learn how composite yarns allow for higher levels of cut resistance.

Leather 101
Learn more about leather types and leather cuts.

Glove Linings 101
Learn more about the lining that keeps you warm.

Latex Allergies 101
Learn more about the types of allergy reactions and how it they can be avoided.

Glove Patterns 101
Learn more about the basic glove patterns.

Work Glove Infographics

Learn visually with our work glove infographics.

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