Work Gloves 101

Choosing the right work glove has gotten more complicated than ever. Superior Glove™ knows: we manufacture over 2500 styles! However, the good news is that you’ve never been better protected!

Whether you need gloves to protect your hands against cuts, burns, frostbite, abrasion, puncture, chemical exposure or biohazards, the variety of choices have never been better! Developments in fiber technology – brands like Kevlar® and Dyneema® – have resulted in a whole new generation of gloves that provide greater protection, yet are much less bulky than traditional materials like leather and cotton. In a nutshell, these are gloves you’ll want to wear. In this section, we break down all the different criteria that you need to consider when choosing the right glove. It you still can’t figure it out, call us! We have a team of glove experts at the ready to help you find the perfect glove!


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