Guide to Choosing the Best Puncture-Resistant Gloves

Who has time to read an encyclopedia on puncture standards? Nobody!

So we created this awesome infographic that you can easily reference. That way when you’re selecting puncture-resistant gloves, you’re doing it with confidence!

If you need help in selecting the right glove for your specific work environment and puncture hazards, have questions about specific gloves or materials, or want to receive a FREE puncture resistant glove sample, simply contact us for prompt friendly help.

Guide to Choosing the Best Puncture-Resistant Gloves

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Download Choosing the Best Puncture-Resistant Gloves.   Whether you’re in law enforcement, waste handling, lumber or pulp & paper industry, glass handling or are a medical professional, choosing the correct glove for your puncture protection needs is critically important. Superior Glove engineered Punkban™ to offer the best puncture protection in a woven material that uses innovative, leading edge textile technology that combines both spinning and weaving fabric for unbeatable protection.

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