How to Properly Remove a Disposable Glove

Step By Step Guide For Removing Disposable Gloves: Whether you’re working in medicine, the food services industry or pharmaceuticals, the point of disposable gloves in most industries is to serve as a barrier between your skin and potentially harmful substances. That’s why they are single-use items. They can be used, removed and thrown away without worrying about contamination. But the way that you take your gloves off after using them plays a big part in making sure that contamination doesn’t spread. You take care to properly put on your gloves so that the material doesn’t stretch or rip. But what about when you take your gloves off? Properly removing your gloves — also called ‘doffing’ — is a vital part in keeping you safe. It’s a smart idea to practice doffing disposable gloves that aren’t contaminated. That way, if it takes a few tries to get it right, you won’t have to worry about what your bare skin may have come into contact with.


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