Protective Clothing

Understanding that safety needs extend beyond just the hand, Superior offers a wide range of protective clothing, including coveralls, sleeves, hairnets, rain suits and traffic safety apparel.

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Aprons Aprons

Fabric or impermeable styles.

Rain Suits Rain Suits

PVC; supported or unsupported styles.

Cut Resistant Sleeves Cut Resistant Sleeves

Protective arm sleeves in a variety of lengths made from Kevlar®, Dyneema®, Leather, Ballistic Nylon Mesh or High-Tenacity Filament Yarn.

High Visibility Clothing High Visibility Clothing

We offer a range of items, from safety vests to full rain suits, to suit every situation.

Protective Coveralls Protective Coveralls

Head-to-toe coverage in three different styles.

Hair Nets & Beard Covers Hair Nets & Beard Covers

Disposable lightweight, economical and latex-free hairnets and beardguards. For food industry and pharmaceutical use.

Winter Caps, Liners and Balaclavas Winter Caps, Liners and Balaclavas

Acrylic and polar fleece.

Protective Shoe & Boot Covers Protective Shoe & Boot Covers

Polytheylene or non-woven polypropylene shoe and boot covers.