Work Gloves

This section is broken down into general-use categories like heat and cut resistance, winter styles, palm-coated styles, etc. For specific recommendations by industry, please refer to our Industry Gloves section.

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Abrasion Resistant Gloves Abrasion Resistant Gloves

Gloves for heavy wear & tear in styles of anti-vibe, string knit, cut resistant, heat resistant, anti-impact, mechanics, palm coated, winter and more.

Anti-Vibration Gloves Anti-Vibration Gloves

Dampening work gloves in styles for abrasion, cut & puncture resistance, chemical, cotton, heat resist, leather, palm coated, welding & chainsaw.

Chemical-Resistant Gloves Chemical-Resistant Gloves

In materials like latex, nitrile, PVC, butyl, viton-butyl and neoprene. Styles in cryogenic, canners, anti-vibration, high visibility and water resistance.

Cleanroom Gloves Cleanroom Gloves

Available in nylon, anti-static and esd carbon, cut-resistant Dyneema®, nitrile palm coated, touchscreen and class-100 spray painting gloves.

Cotton & String-Knit Gloves Cotton & String-Knit Gloves

Numerous styles and features like cotton, cotton/poly, terry-knit, nylon, fleece, inspectors, liners, dotted, cut resistant, palm coated and more.

Cut-Resistant Gloves Cut-Resistant Gloves

Full line of cut-resistant work gloves including Kevlar®, Dyneema®, high-strength yarn, string knit, leather or stainless-steel.

Disposable Gloves Disposable Gloves

Selection of single-use gloves in latex, polyethylene, nitrile, vinyl, thick heavy-duty, class-2 medical grade, vitamin E w/ lanolin & powdered or powder-free.

Heat-Resistant Gloves Heat-Resistant Gloves

Various high-temperature and fireproof work gloves including terry knit, Kevlar®, extreme heat resistance, hot mill, and arc flash gloves.

Impact-Resistant Gloves Impact-Resistant Gloves

Variety of anti-impact work gloves, many drivers or mechanics styles with high-viz. Also in chemical resistant and winter & cold weather styles.

Leather Work Gloves Leather Work Gloves

Large selection of leather glove styles and features including drivers, fitters, mechanics, mitts, linemans, patrol, coated, finger and thumb guards.

Mechanics Gloves Mechanics Gloves

Various mechanic and machinist gloves with non-slip grips, anti-impact, cut-resistant, fleece lined, Kevlar® lined and more.

Palm-Coated Gloves Palm-Coated Gloves

Many palm-covered and coated work gloves available in latex, PVC, poly, nitrile, Kevlar® or Dyneema® over cotton, nylon, string knit and more.

Welding Gloves Welding Gloves

Tig & mig welders and more in various leathers, many with Kevlar® sewing. Also sleeves, capes, gauntlets, jackets, bibs, rod holders and cable covers.

Winter Work Gloves Winter Work Gloves

Selection of warm winter work gloves, mitts and liners to protect your hands from mild to extreme cold weather & conditions, wind & water applications.

High Dexterity Gloves High Dexterity Gloves

Flexible glove styles available in anti-vibe, cleanroom, string knit, cut proof, heat proof, anti-impact, leather, mechanics, palm-coated and more.

High Visibility Gloves High Visibility Gloves

Hi-viz work gloves in styles like dipped, logo, mechanics and winter lined. Hand protection against abrasions, chemicals, cuts, impacts and more.

Touchscreen Work Gloves Touchscreen Work Gloves

Touch screen compatible gloves in a variety of materials like string knit, carbon filament, Kevlar®, and palm coatings like PU, PVC or foamed nitrile.

Puncture Resistant Gloves Puncture Resistant Gloves

Selection of sharp puncture and stick resistance work gloves in materials like leather, palm dipped, Kevlar®, nitrile, Dyneema®, wire-core and more.

Water Resistant Gloves Water Resistant Gloves

Selection of gloves in styles for abrasion, cut & puncture resistance, chemical, anti-vibration, high-dexterity, mechanics, winter insulated & leather.

Award Winners Award Winners

View Award Winning gloves and sleeves for hand or arm protection & innovation across a variety of styles, materials and safety features.

Extended Size Gloves Extended Size Gloves

A variety of our protective work gloves that are offered in extended sizes to suit all hand sizes.