Chemical-Resistant Gloves

Different chemicals call for different coatings for protection. We’ve engineered a type to protect you from all of them: latex, nitrile, PVC, Chemstop Neoprene, cryogenic, Chemstop butyl and viton-butyl. Protect yourself with the right glove.

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Latex Chemical-Resistant Gloves Latex Chemical-Resistant Gloves

Variety of styles, colours, thicknesses & features. In supported or unsupported, lined or unlined, many food handling approved and improved grips.

Nitrile Chemical-Resistant Gloves Nitrile Chemical-Resistant Gloves

Available in supported or unsupported, lined or unlined. Some food handling approved. Resistant to oils, fuels, and certain organic solvents.

PVC Chemical-Resistant Gloves PVC Chemical-Resistant Gloves

Variety of shell materials, cuffs, features and in lined or unlined. Regular, 12" and 14" lengths. Many food handling approved and improved grips.

Neoprene Chemical-Resistant Gloves Neoprene Chemical-Resistant Gloves

Chemstop™ neoprene gloves in styles of supported or unsupported, lined or unlined and other features. Resistant to a range of oils and chemicals.

Butyl and Viton®-Butyl Chemical Resistant Gloves Butyl and Viton®-Butyl Chemical Resistant Gloves

Protection from highly toxic substances. These gloves are highly impermeable to gas or water vapors and provides dexterity even in low temperatures.

Anti-Vibration Chemical-Resistant Gloves Anti-Vibration Chemical-Resistant Gloves

12-inch gauntlet style, vibration dampening supported nitrile rubber gloves for chemical & oil resistance. Ergonomic and lightweight.

Cryogenic Gloves Cryogenic Gloves

Four layers of insulation for contact & splash protection from handling liquid nitrogen & extreme cold temperatures, with silicone-coated palms.

Canner Gloves Canner Gloves

Latex and vinyl gloves that are CFIA approved for food handling. 12" length, unsupported, in 14, 18 or 20 mil. thickness, also available in flock-lined.

High Visibility Chemical Resistant Gloves High Visibility Chemical Resistant Gloves

Hi-viz orange and fully coated to protect your hands from chemicals, solvents, detergents, acids and bases with safety cuff, knit wrist or gauntlet.

Water & Chemical Resistant Gloves Water & Chemical Resistant Gloves

Variety of shell materials coated in PVC for chemical and water resistance. Available in gauntlet style, safety cuffs and rough finish for better grip.

Chemical-Resistant Sleeves Chemical-Resistant Sleeves

Protective chemical-resistant sleeves for arms in urethane or vinyl, with elastic ends. Lightweight and comfortable for long wear.