Cleanroom Gloves

Cleanroom gloves are used in applications where it is critical to minimize contamination from dust and particles such as pharmaceutical, electronic assembly and automotive paint line. Superior also has it's own Class 100 Cleanroom Laundry, so many of the products they manufacture can be Cleanroom processed at your request.

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Nylon Cleanroom Gloves Nylon Cleanroom Gloves

Nylon gloves in a number of styles that can be cleanroom processed.

Anti-Static Cleanroom Gloves Anti-Static Cleanroom Gloves

Static resistant cleanroom gloves.

Cut-Resistant Cleanroom Gloves Cut-Resistant Cleanroom Gloves

Superior Touch palm-coated Dyneema® cut-resistant cleanroom gloves.

Spray Painting Gloves Spray Painting Gloves

Nylon lint-free, Class 100 cleanroom processed automotive spray painting gloves.

High Dexterity Cleanroom Gloves High Dexterity Cleanroom Gloves

Choose either anti-static filament nylon and esd carbon or 13-gauge knit with lint-free continuous-filament cut-resistant Dyneema®.

Touchscreen Cleanroom Gloves Touchscreen Cleanroom Gloves

Anti-static touchscreen gloves, carbon filament or polyurethane palm coated for touch sensitivity for use with computer screens and similar.

Touchscreen Cotton & String Knit Gloves Touchscreen Cotton & String Knit Gloves

Touchscreen static dissipative gloves, for dexterity and touch sensitivity for use with computer screens and similar applications such as capacitive touch screen panel.

Puncture Resistant Cleanroom Gloves Puncture Resistant Cleanroom Gloves

Foam nitrile palm coating & Dynastop® lining offers high impenetrability for three times more puncture and cut resistance than most competitor gloves.