Cut-Resistant Gloves

We are cut resistant specialists.

With a strong research and development department backed by an in-house glove lab, we are licensed manufacturers of Kevlar® and Dyneema®. Innovation is number-one at Superior®, and the reason why we're able to offer the widest cut-resistant selection in the hand-protection industry.

While we've made every attempt to help you navigate the choices on this site, if you don’t know where to start or just want to speed things up, the experts on our sales team are here to help.

Being specialists and innovators, we can also custom-create a glove for you if you can't find what you need right here.


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    What Makes a Glove Cut Resistant?

    Take a closer look into the science of cut protection.

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    String-Knit Cut-Resistant Gloves String-Knit Cut-Resistant Gloves

    Wide variety of cut-resistant string-knit gloves made with Kevlar®, stainless steel, Dyneema®, wire-core & silica-infused fiber blends.

    High-Tenacity Composite Knit Cut-Resistant Gloves High-Tenacity Composite Knit Cut-Resistant Gloves

    High-tenacity composite blends; stronger than steel on an equal-weight basis.

    Palm-Coated Cut-Resistant Gloves Palm-Coated Cut-Resistant Gloves

    These palm-coated styles feature Kevlar® string-knit or supported gloves in various palm coatings; latex, nitrile, PVC & polyurethane.

    Kevlar® Cut-Resistant Gloves Kevlar® Cut-Resistant Gloves

    Kevlar® string-knit styles available with leather palms, palm-coated, or PVC-dotted depending on required needs for specific applications.

    Dyneema® Cut-Resistant Gloves Dyneema® Cut-Resistant Gloves

    Cut-resistant gloves made with Dyneema®. Highly dexterous and available in string knits, composite knits, anti-static or palm-coated styles.

    Leather Cut-Resistant Gloves Leather Cut-Resistant Gloves

    These styles feature heavy-duty string knits with leather palms for durability and longer life, some with a mesh lining. Optimal longevity and durability.

    Stainless Steel Cut-Resistant Gloves Stainless Steel Cut-Resistant Gloves

    Top-of-the-line cut protection: stainless steel, chain mail, steel stapled or wire core gloves for heavy-duty cut and slash protection.

    Chainsaw Cut-Resistant Gloves Chainsaw Cut-Resistant Gloves

    Chainsaw leather-palm gloves with multi-layer Kevlar® or Nylon back-of-hand protection. All tested according to EN 381:1999.

    Puncture & Cut Resistant Gloves Puncture & Cut Resistant Gloves

    Abrasion, slash & puncture hazard resistant gloves in materials like leather, steel mesh or wire-core lining, palm coated, Kevlar®, Dyneema® and more.

    Cut-Resistant Fitters Gloves Cut-Resistant Fitters Gloves

    Premium split-leather, sewn with Kevlar® thread, lined with Dyneema® or Kevlar® composite material. Great protection against abrasion and cuts.

    Anti-Vibration Cut-Resistant Gloves Anti-Vibration Cut-Resistant Gloves

    Cut-resistant Kevlar® gloves or mitt, with foam palm padding or built-in anti-vibe reinforcements helps protects against HAVS and cut hazards.

    Wire-Core Cut-Resistant Gloves Wire-Core Cut-Resistant Gloves

    High-tech composite blends stainless-steel wire core with Dyneema® for exceptional protection against cuts from sharp-edged materials.

    Needle-Resistant Gloves Needle-Resistant Gloves

    Puncture-resistant gloves with needle-resistant palm protection. Provides hand safety from needlesticks, pins, syringes, cuts and sharp pricks.

    Cut-Resistant Mechanics Gloves Cut-Resistant Mechanics Gloves

    High performance mechanics gloves available in several styles and materials: cowgrain, goatskin, Kevlar®-lined, waterproof, arc flash protection.

    Cut Resistant Anti-Impact Gloves Cut Resistant Anti-Impact Gloves

    Offering dual protection from repetitive vibrations/impacts and cut hazards. Made from Kevlar®, Dyneema® and some Nitrile palm coated.

    Abrasion and Cut Resistant Gloves Abrasion and Cut Resistant Gloves

    Cut resistant gloves in anti-abrasive leather fitters, leather or palm-coated string knit, goat-grain driver, or leather palm with stainless-steel and nylon knit.

    Cut Resistant Winter & Cold Weather Gloves Cut Resistant Winter & Cold Weather Gloves

    Cut proof gloves in leather, knits or composite materials with Kevlar® or Dyneema®. Available in palm coated, reinforced palms, and anti-impact or Kevlar® backing.

    High Visibility Cut Resistant Gloves High Visibility Cut Resistant Gloves

    Increase your hand protection and awareness with one of our cut resistant hi-viz gloves. Choose a glove made with Kevlar® or Dyneema®.

    High Dexterity Cut Resistant Gloves High Dexterity Cut Resistant Gloves

    Various styles of string knits, some with cut proof Dyneema® or Nitrile. Palm-coated, dotted, three open fingers and more.

    Touchscreen Cut-Resistant Gloves Touchscreen Cut-Resistant Gloves

    Selection of touchscreen compatible cut-resistant gloves, in a variety of materials like string knit, Kevlar®, nitrile or PU palms, Dyneema® or fiber blend.

    Water & Cut Resistant Gloves Water & Cut Resistant Gloves

    Available in leather with kevlar® lining or pvc coating over kevlar® knit shell. Protect from cuts & slashes and keep hands dry from water and oils.

    Cut Resistant Welding Gloves Cut Resistant Welding Gloves

    Available in flexible and comfortable goatskin, deerskin or premium side-split leather. Kevlar® lined palms and sewing for superior cut and slash protection.

    Cut Resistant Level 2 Gloves Cut Resistant Level 2 Gloves

    Variety of styles that provide ASTM ANSI cut-level two resistance. Protection from cuts and slashes.