Disposable Gloves

Superior Glove has a lot of options for disposable gloves: vinyl, latex, nitrile and polyethylene. Suitable for a variety of applications, including food handling, dental/medical, industrial and light chemical. Multiple options for those with latex allergies.

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    Best of Disposable Gloves Best of Disposable Gloves

    Our "Best of" disposable gloves includes highly rated, most popular and top sellers for hand protection and safety in single-use glove styles.

    Disposable Polyethylene Gloves Disposable Polyethylene Gloves

    Affordable single-use 2 mil clear poly gloves. Sensitivity & dexterity with embossed pattern grip & ambidextrous style. CFIA food handling approved.

    Disposable Vinyl Gloves Disposable Vinyl Gloves

    Economical single-use 5 mil. clear vinyl gloves in powdered or powder-free. Premium stretch & cuff edges to prevent ripping. CFIA food handling approved.

    Disposable Latex Gloves Disposable Latex Gloves

    Class-2 medical grade, 5 mil offers resistance to tearing & with beaded cuff-edges. In powdered or powder-free. CFIA food handling approved.

    Disposable Nitrile Gloves Disposable Nitrile Gloves

    Available powdered or powder-free in 4, 5.5 or 8 mil thicknesses and up to 12" lengths. Many Class-2 medical grade or CFIA approved for food handling.

    Thick Disposable Gloves Thick Disposable Gloves

    Thick, heavy-duty tear resistant single-use gloves in a powder-free 8 mil blue nitrile or 15 mil blue latex. Textured surface for increased wet grip.

    Powdered Disposable Gloves Powdered Disposable Gloves

    Single-use gloves with powder, in 4 or 5 mil thickness of nitrile, latex or clear vinyl. Class-2 medical grade rated & CFIA approved for food handling.

    Powder-Free Disposable Gloves Powder-Free Disposable Gloves

    Powderless single-use gloves in materials like latex, nitrile, latex with vitamin E + lanolin, nitrile/vinyl or vinyl/PE. Most Class-2 medical grade.

    High Dexterity Disposable Gloves High Dexterity Disposable Gloves

    Available in 4 or 5 mil. for dexterity & touch sensitivity. Powder-free in latex or nitrile. Class-2 medical grade & some CFIA approved for food handling.

    Black Disposable Gloves Black Disposable Gloves

    Black, 100% nitrile in 4 or 8 mil thickness, powder-free and beaded cuff edges. In 12" length cuff or Class-2 medical grade & textured grip surface.

    Blue Disposable Gloves Blue Disposable Gloves

    Latex, nitrile or nitrile/vinyl blend, from 4-15 mil. thickness & powdered or powder-free. Class-2 medical grade and/or CFIA food handling approved.

    Long Disposable Gloves Long Disposable Gloves

    Available in 9 or 12 inch lengths for greater forearm protection. Powder-free nitrile in 4, 5.5 or 8 mil. thicknesses and some with beaded cuff edges.

    Medical Grade Disposable Gloves Medical Grade Disposable Gloves

    Variety of medical & exam grade gloves in nitrile, latex, clear vinyl and versions with Vitamin E + Lanolin. Powdered or powder-free, 4-8 mil. thicknesses.

    Disposable Food Handling Gloves Disposable Food Handling Gloves

    Single-use food preparation gloves in materials like polyethylene, latex, nitrile or clear vinyl from 2 mil to 15 mil thicknesses. Powdered or powder-free.