Heat-Resistant Gloves

When choosing heat-resistant gloves, one first has to determine whether the heat is dry or moist; whether the exposure is thermal or atmospheric; if open flame or spark is present; and of course, what the temperature is in any of these conditions.

Terry gloves trap air for good insulation, and are great for handling rough, sharp metal parts because terry is also cut resistant. When made with Kevlar®, cut resistance is increased while also withstanding direct flame. An outer layer of Temperbloc® (silicone-coated Kevlar®) allows for direct contact with hot surfaces without burning or melting.

Our SilaChlor®-lined styles offer such high dexterity we were able to make gloves instead of mitts. And finally, for extreme heat hazard, our Dragon series offers multi-layer protection with styles inspired by workers in the steel fabrication industry working with furnaces.


Choose the Right Heat Resistant Glove

Take a closer look into types of heat proof gloves.

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Best of Heat Resistant Gloves Best of Heat Resistant Gloves

Our "Best of" heat resistant gloves including highest rated, most recommended and top sellers for heat or flame hand protection uses.

Low Heat Resistant Gloves Low Heat Resistant Gloves

ASTM heat-level 3 light duty gloves for conductive heat resistance up to 390° F(200° C). Available in terry-knit, marl cotton or composite fibers.

Medium Heat Resistant Gloves Medium Heat Resistant Gloves

ASTM heat-level 3 medium duty gloves for conductive heat resistance up to 500° F (260° C). In cotton terry or canvas, some with Nitrile or Kevlar®.

High Heat Resistant Gloves High Heat Resistant Gloves

ASTM heat-level 5 heavy duty gloves for conductive heat resistance to 600°F/315°C and over. In terry knit or carbon fiber, with Kevlar® and more.

Arc Flash Gloves Arc Flash Gloves

Welding arc flash, spark and flame resistant gloves in mechanics or drivers styles. Hi-viz anti-impact, Kevlar® lined or mechanics with carbon backing.

Fire Retardant Gloves Fire Retardant Gloves

Flame resistant, will not melt or drip when exposed to open flame. Rhovyl® or neoprene palm knit, Kevlar® lined mechanics, or cowgrain fitters.

Heat Resistant Leather Work Gloves Heat Resistant Leather Work Gloves

Leather gloves from low to extreme heat resistance. Some flame resistant, additional heat resist lining, vibration dampening or aluminized backing.

Kevlar® Heat Resistant Gloves Kevlar® Heat Resistant Gloves

Gloves with Kevlar® outer shells or lining. In terry knit, string-knit, carbon fiber reinforced knits, heavy-gauge stainless-steel or leather drivers.

Flame Retardant Fitter Gloves Flame Retardant Fitter Gloves

Leather fitters with flame retardant backing resists sparks & flames. Gunn-cut, Kevlar® sewing, lined palms & polyurethane-reinforced cuffs.

High-Heat Welding Gloves High-Heat Welding Gloves

Extreme heat welders gloves and mitts, even one aluminized. Kevlar® sewing, some with silicone-coated Kevlar® palms or flame-resistant foam lining.

Hand Pads Hand Pads

Fits over most gloves to extend their life and increase hand protection. In side-split leather, aluminized rayon back-patch or heavy terry knit cloth.

Abrasion and Heat Resistant Gloves Abrasion and Heat Resistant Gloves

Heat and flame resistant gloves with anti-abrasion leather or Temperbloc™ palms over string knit or hot mill and lined with Kevlar® or SilaChor®.

High Dexterity Heat Resistant Gloves High Dexterity Heat Resistant Gloves

Flexible heat resistance gloves for low, medium and high-heat applications. All with Kevlar® for added cut and temperature resistance protection.

Heat Resistant Anti-Vibration Gloves Heat Resistant Anti-Vibration Gloves

These split-leather gloves contain a full thermal-knit cotton liner for additional heat protection. Kevlar® sewing and vibration dampening palm patches.

Cotton & String Knit Heat Resistant Gloves Cotton & String Knit Heat Resistant Gloves

String and terry knit gloves blended with Kevlar® fiber or Protex™ for superior ASTM rated heat protection. Some with wool liners or longer cuffs.

Heat-Resistant Sleeves Heat-Resistant Sleeves

Variety of flame and fire-retardant work sleeves in materials like Protex® yarn, Coolmax® lining, composite knit yarns and composite filament fibers.