Impact-Resistant Gloves

Crushing, pinching, cut and puncture hazards make up most of the serious injuries sustained by workers, so the kind of gloves needed to protect workers are highly specific. Back-of-the-hand impact protection, arc flash protection, and most commonly, good grip in oil. Our anti-impact gloves feature dense thermo-plastic pads, strategically placed along the back of the hand to provide maximum cushioning while not impeding hand functioning. And remember: if you don’t see it here, don’t worry. We love a good challenge, and specialize in custom orders.

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    Best of Impact Resistant Gloves Best of Impact Resistant Gloves

    Our "Best of" anti-impact gloves include highest rated, most recommended and top sellers for impact resistance or back of hand protection needs.

    Goatskin Impact-Resistant Gloves Goatskin Impact-Resistant Gloves

    Selection of goatskin drivers gloves with foam impact resistant backing, Kevlar® lining & resistant to oils. Some with Thinsulate® or gauntlet cuffs.

    Cut Resistant Anti-Impact Gloves Cut Resistant Anti-Impact Gloves

    Offering dual protection from repetitive vibrations/impacts and cut hazards. Made from Kevlar®, Dyneema® and some Nitrile palm coated.

    Anti-Impact Mechanics Gloves Anti-Impact Mechanics Gloves

    PVC palm patches with foam rubber patches on back. Styles available; summer, winter, waterproof, oilfield, high-visibility and Kevlar® reinforced.

    High Visibility Impact-Resistant Gloves High Visibility Impact-Resistant Gloves

    High-viz anti-impact gloves with thermo-plastic foam rubber patches on back of hand for protection and bright coloring for higher awareness.

    High Dexterity Anti-Impact Gloves High Dexterity Anti-Impact Gloves

    Selection of highly flexible mechanics style gloves. Thermo plastic rubber (TPR) backing, and most with cut-resistant materials and palm coated.

    Abrasion Resistant Anti-Impact Gloves Abrasion Resistant Anti-Impact Gloves

    Flexible and highly visible gloves with additional palm protection against cuts, slashes, scrapes & punctures. Molded foam padding on back of hands.

    Impact Resistant Winter & Cold Weather Gloves Impact Resistant Winter & Cold Weather Gloves

    Mechanics style anti-impact gloves with Kevlar® thumb crotch, pvc or palm patches. Features like fleece-lined, waterproof lining or high-viz backing.

    Cotton & String Knit Anti-Impact Gloves Cotton & String Knit Anti-Impact Gloves

    Selection of flexible knit gloves, with cut resistance materials like Kevlar®, Dyneema®, nylon & stainless-steel. Many with foam nitrile palm coating.

    Palm Coated Impact Resistant Gloves Palm Coated Impact Resistant Gloves

    Foam nitrile palm coating over a string knit or nylon shell. Some with Kevlar® or Dyneema® for cut resistance. Thermo plastic rubber backing.