Palm-Coated Gloves

Adding a layer of protection to a string-knit glove can change everything. You get the same comfort, but with a lot more possibility. We use a wide range of tough materials in our palm-coated gloves, over a wide range of string knits. Endless combinations are the result of combining cotton, nylon, Kevlar®, Dyneema® and composite-yarn gloves with palm coatings like latex, PVC, polyurethane, and nitrile, not to mention the foamed versions of some these coatings.


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Best of Palm Coated Gloves Best of Palm Coated Gloves

Our "Best of" palm coated gloves include best rated, most recommended and top selling for palm protection needs from abrasions, cuts & slashes.

Nitrile Palm-Coated Gloves Nitrile Palm-Coated Gloves

Styles in cotton knit, nylon and leather fitters, ranging from just palm dipped thru fully coated. Some with High-Viz, Dyneema® or Kevlar®/Wire-Core.

Polyurethane Palm-Coated Gloves Polyurethane Palm-Coated Gloves

Available in 13-gauge nylon, carbon filament/nylon, string knit or polyester knit shells. Features like Dyneema®, PU fingertips, open-finger and Hi-Viz.

Latex Palm-Coated Gloves Latex Palm-Coated Gloves

Choose nylon, nylon/knit, cotton/poly knit, polyester or winter knit shells. With textured or tire-tred palms, Kevlar®, anti-impact backing or high-viz.

PVC Palm-Coated Gloves PVC Palm-Coated Gloves

Polyvinyl Chloride dipped 13-gauge nylon or high dexterity 18-gauge nylon string knit. Also available in winter lined nylon or high visibility style.

Dyneema® Palm-Coated Gloves Dyneema® Palm-Coated Gloves

Dyneema® with 13-gauge knit shells offer strength and dexterity. Coatings like polyurethane, nitrile and latex offer excellent grip and touch sensitivity.

Kevlar® Palm-Coated Gloves Kevlar® Palm-Coated Gloves

Kevlar® in various string knit shells, some with composites like stainless steel knit or wire-core. Variety of palm coatings like latex, pu, nitrile or pvc.

Palm-Coated Winter Gloves Palm-Coated Winter Gloves

Latex, pvc or nitrile palm coated and foamed versions for impermeable palm protection. Choose terry knit, nylon knit or Kevlar®/steel knit shells.

Palm-Coated Cut-Resistant Gloves Palm-Coated Cut-Resistant Gloves

String-knit or supported gloves in various palm coatings; latex, nitrile, PVC & polyurethane. With Kevlar®, Dyneema®, nitrile, steel-knit, more.

Abrasion Resistant Palm-Coated Gloves Abrasion Resistant Palm-Coated Gloves

Palm-coated work gloves in a variety of materials and features. Palm, 3/4 or fully-dipped. Split-leather, nylon, cotton/polyester or string-knit shells.

High Visibility Palm-Coated Gloves High Visibility Palm-Coated Gloves

Variety of high-viz string-knit gloves palm dipped in materials like foam nitrile, polyurethane, pvc, microfinish-grip foam latex, or thick latex.

High Dexterity Palm-Coated Gloves High Dexterity Palm-Coated Gloves

Various flexible shells like polyester knit, Kevlar® infused knits or nylon. Available with polyurethane or micropore nitrile palm coatings.

Touchscreen Palm Coated Gloves Touchscreen Palm Coated Gloves

Touchscreen palm dipped gloves in materials like foamed nitrile, micropore nitrile, polyurethane palms or fingertips. Some with cut resistant Kevlar®.

Puncture Resistant Palm Coated Gloves Puncture Resistant Palm Coated Gloves

Latex palm coating in high-viz lime green & wrinkle-grip finish for excellent wet/dry performance. 10-gauge cotton/poly shell with Punkban™ lining.

Water Resistant Palm Coated Gloves Water Resistant Palm Coated Gloves

Flexible nylon or terry knit shells with palm coating and water resistant, that'll keep your hands dry while providing palm and finger puncture protection.

Vibration-Dampening Palm-Coated Gloves Vibration-Dampening Palm-Coated Gloves

Chloroprene polymer padded for superior vibration dampening especially using pneumatic tools. In a string knit, nylon or combination shell.