Water Resistant Gloves

Selection of gloves in styles for abrasion, cut & puncture resistance, chemical, anti-vibration, high-dexterity, mechanics, winter insulated & leather.

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Best of Water Resistant Gloves Best of Water Resistant Gloves

Our "Best of" water resistant work gloves include top rated, most recommended and best sellers for water resistance to keep hands dry.

Water & Abrasion Resistant Gloves Water & Abrasion Resistant Gloves

Variety of styles and materials for abrasion, cut, slash and water protection. Available in leather, pvc, neoprene, fitters, nylon and string knits.

Water & Chemical Resistant Gloves Water & Chemical Resistant Gloves

Variety of shell materials coated in PVC for chemical and water resistance. Available in gauntlet style, safety cuffs and rough finish for better grip.

Water & Cut Resistant Gloves Water & Cut Resistant Gloves

Available in leather with Kevlar® lining or pvc coating over Kevlar® knit shell. Protect from cuts & slashes and keep hands dry from water and oils.

High Dexterity Water Resistant Gloves High Dexterity Water Resistant Gloves

When flexibility and dry hands are a must, choose one of our palm dipped over string knit or nylon gloves or water & oil resistant leather drivers.

Insulated Water Resistant Gloves Insulated Water Resistant Gloves

Keeps hands warm and dry with one of our insulated and water resistant work gloves. Many with rough palm finishes for better grip in cold & wet conditions.

Water Resistant Leather Gloves Water Resistant Leather Gloves

Available in leather fitters and linesman styles with water and oil repellent properties to keep your hands dry in demanding work conditions.

Water Resistant Mechanics Gloves Water Resistant Mechanics Gloves

Flexible water repellent gloves with palm patches and Kevlar® reinforced thumb crotches for added protection in demanding work conditions.

Water Resistant Palm Coated Gloves Water Resistant Palm Coated Gloves

Flexible nylon or terry knit shells with palm coating and water resistant, that'll keep your hands dry while providing palm and finger puncture protection.

Water Resistant Anti-Vibration Gloves Water Resistant Anti-Vibration Gloves

Choose one of these when you need a glove, or mitt, with water repellent and vibration dampening properties. Some are also cut or chemical resistant.