Welding Gloves

Superior offers a wide range of welding gloves and apparel. The Precision Arc™ line is very popular for TIG welding and is available is various types of leather.

For general welding applications Superior has over 40 styles to choose from depending on the heat protection, abrasion, vibration resistance, dexterity and durability you require.

Be sure to check out our revolutionary new Temperbloc™ Line for additional heat protection.

On our Endura® welding gloves:

“I have been a welder since 2002 and I have used a lot of welding gloves in my time. Most of the gloves that I have used do not hold up for long periods of time. The gloves you produce are an asset to the welding trade across the globe, and your gloves truly are “Superior” both in quality and longevity! When a welder can hold a piece of steel at 800°F in his hands for five minutes, and not even feel discomfort, or you can hold an SMAW Welding Electrode between your fingers and weld with it, then you are definitely on the right track!!” - Raymond G., Team Leader, 6G Certified Welder

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    Best of Welding Gloves Best of Welding Gloves

    Our "Best of" welding gloves include highest rated, most recommended and top selling for TIG & MIG welders and protection from arc flash and high heat.

    TIG Welding Gloves TIG Welding Gloves

    Variety of leathers that provide high dexterity and touch sensitivity, choose cowhide, pigskin, sheepskin, goatskin or horsehide. All sewn with Kevlar®.

    MIG Welding Gloves MIG Welding Gloves

    Light-weight leathers for high dexterity & touch sensitivity, like deerskin, elkskin and side-split cowhide. In glove or mitt styles all with Kevlar® sewing.

    High-Heat Welding Gloves High-Heat Welding Gloves

    Extreme heat welders gloves and mitts, even one aluminized. Kevlar® sewing, some with silicone-coated Kevlar® palms or flame-resistant foam lining.

    Vibration Dampening Welding Gloves Vibration Dampening Welding Gloves

    Split-leather cowhide glove contains foam polymer anti-vibe palm patches. With a full thermal-knit cotton liner for heat protection and Kevlar® sewing.

    Abrasion Resistant Welding Gloves Abrasion Resistant Welding Gloves

    Split-leather or grain horsehide abrasion resistance welding gloves. Kevlar® sewing, gauntlet cuffs and one with extra layers for heat protection.

    High Dexterity Welding Gloves High Dexterity Welding Gloves

    High dexterity and flexible goatskin, pigskin or side-split leather welders gloves, four inch cuffs and some with Kevlar® sewing or palm patches.

    Cut Resistant Welding Gloves Cut Resistant Welding Gloves

    Choose flexible & comfortable goatskin, deerskin or premium side-split leather. Kevlar® lined palms and sewing for superior cut and slash protection.

    Kevlar® Welding Gloves Kevlar® Welding Gloves

    Available in goatskin or deerskin leather for dexterity without interfering touch sensitivity. Kevlar® lined palms and sewing for cut resistance.

    Arc Flash Gloves Arc Flash Gloves

    Welding arc flash, spark and flame resistant gloves in mechanics or drivers styles. Hi-viz anti-impact, Kevlar® lined or mechanics with carbon backing.

    Welding Jackets Welding Jackets

    Available in tri-tan reversed grain cowhide leather that's noticeable lighter or flame-retardant Proban® treated cotton fabric, both with Kevlar sewing.

    Welding Bib Aprons & Overalls Welding Bib Aprons & Overalls

    Bib aprons and bib overalls in lighter weight tri-tan reversed grain cowhide or flame-retardant Proban® treated cotton fabric, all with Kevlar® sewing.

    Welding Spats & Leggings Welding Spats & Leggings

    Selection of tri-tan heat resistant leather or aluminized rayon welders spats and leggings. Most with Kevlar® sewing and adjustable elastic velcro straps.

    Welding Accessories Welding Accessories

    Welders accessories made from heat resistant tri-tan split leather. Two-color welders beanie, durable rod holders or 25' length cable covers in two widths.