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The 1-on-1 is the first step in our On-Site Hand Safety Program. We pair your customer with a Hand Safety Specialist who will assess their team’s work environment and provide resources to help them develop and implement a hand safety program that reduces injuries. With ideas, action plans and strategic collateral, we will work together to eliminate and reduce hand safety hazards through modifications to work environment, behavior, and PPE. All free of charge.

How Does Our On-Site Hand Safety Program Work?


We partner with your customer from the top of the hierarchy and work together to explore options that address each level on the way down to PPE. Together we can eliminate and reduce injuries through non-PPE changes and address the hazards that remain with appropriate PPE.

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PPE is the last line
of defense

We take a holistic approach that addresses gaps in all safety controls. Our program works to reduce workplace hazards first so we can recommend the right PPE.

PPE is your last line of defense

We take a holistic approach that addresses gaps in all safety controls – not just PPE. Our program works to address non-PPE changes first, leaving less hazards for safety gloves to fight.

What’s possible when gloves are addressing fewer hazards?

Fewer and less severe injuries

Lower injury costs

More productive workers due to less downtime and ability to use lighter-duty gloves that are less inhibitive to everyday tasks
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