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Vote for us in the 2016 ISHN Readers’ Choice Awards!

Extra, extra: read all about it! We need your help: four of our work gloves are in the running for ISHN magazine‘s 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards! Each of the gloves is featured in a different category: Cut Resistant, General (All Purpose), High Visibility, and Thermal Protection. You can vote for each of our gloves once a day, and the polls are open until May 1st, 2016!

Read on to find out more about our nominated gloves and the many advantages that they stand to offer your workplace:

Category: Hand Protection — Cut Resistant

SBTAKLP: TenActiv™ High Cut-Resistant Glove made with UHMWPE and Steel in an Engineered Yarn


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“These gloves are an extremely popular choice among customers from a wide range of industries and applications. This is because they offer astounding ASTM level 5 cut protection – which is currently the highest level of cut resistance that a glove can provide. What makes this particular glove so innovative is the fact that it’s crafted with a blend of UHMWPE and steel; the fact that this ingenious engineered yarn is used in the makeup of this glove is what makes it so cut-resistant. Offering an incredible 3525 grams of cut protection, these gloves serve as an incredible shield against the threat of cuts – all while being extremely dexterous and comfortable to wear.”

Category: Hand Protection — General (All Purpose)

S13KGPN: Dexterity® Kevlar® Gloves made with Micropore Nitrile Grip


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“Along with all of the other great advantages that these gloves provide, what separates these gloves from the rest of the pack is their Micropore Nitrile Grip. The addition of this coating does wonders in workplaces where it’s essential to have a strong grip. This coating is formulated using the latest developments in ‘micropore’ technology: nitrile coating is infused with millions of tiny pores so that when the palms of these gloves are pressed against smooth surfaces, they displace slippery oils and liquids. In turn, this creates a type of suction that makes the wearer’s grip on the object even stronger. This innovative formula provides wearers with the satisfaction of knowing that their hands will be kept safe while they’re on the job – even if they’re working with sharp, wet pieces of metal, or slippery, oil covered objects.”

Category: Hand Protection — High Visibility

STAGYPNVB: TenActiv™ Anti-Impact Hi-Viz Glove with Micropore Nitrile Grip


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In addition to the many other amazing features this style has to offer, their high visibility is what makes them so impressive. Since they’re made with a neon yellow TenActiv™ composite seamless knit shell, the entire glove – from the fingertips to the cuffs – is extremely eye-catching. Because of this, these gloves are fantastic for worker safety: since they’re so hard to miss, they help ensure that workers’ hands are easily discernible from their tools or surroundings and therefore, that they’re not accidentally injured while the worker is on the job. The neon also makes it easy for Safety Managers to ensure that workers are wearing their assigned PPE – which also helps improve worker safety.

We recently received the following testimonial about them from a customer:
“These gloves are exactly what we’ve been looking for at our site.” -Tyler K. (ExxonMobile Chemical Company – TX)

Category: Hand Protection — Thermal Protection

K835KPALP: Dragon™ High-Heat Leather Palm Glove with Kevlar® Outer Shell and Aluminized Reflective Felt Liner


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“We’ve combined several high performance materials to make these Dragon™ gloves suitable for workers who handle extremely hot steel, glass, or other metals in their workplace. Since Kevlar® won’t melt if it comes into contact with open flames or hot materials, it was our material of choice for the glove’s outer lining. So that your hands receive maximum protection against the threat of burns in high-heat applications, we’ve also added an aluminized liner between the 100% wool terry liner and the outer Kevlar® shell. Since aluminum is naturally reflective, we’ve specifically chosen to add it to this glove because it’ll prevents burns from occurring by deflecting heat away from your hands. Additionally, in order to provide you with additional protection where it matters the most, these gloves also feature 12″ long split-leather palms. Thanks to all of these features, this glove has an impressive ASTM level 3 heat rating.”

Think that these nominees are worthy of your vote? Vote for them now — it’s quick and very easy! All you have to do is visit this link.


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