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The Work Gloves of the 2016 Summer Olympics

Work Gloves of 2016 Summer Olympics

It takes a lot of work and a lot of work gloves to pull together an Olympics host city in time for the opening ceremony. It’s likely the most complicated choreography that any location will ever see. It might also be the most important — what with the whole world watching!

Imagine the amount of construction, renovation, security, hotel staffing, and food preparation involved in getting ready for the Olympic games. These are only a few of the countless jobs required to make it all happen.

Here are some of the work gloves styles that we’d recommend for workers at the 2016 Summer Olympics:


1. Disposable Protection Against Diseases:

Unfortunately, in areas where there are lots of people, there are also a lot of opportunities for diseases to spread. Although Zika is present in Rio, it’s less of a concern than other diseases, such as Ebola. While Zika has specific transmission routes, the CDC explains that Ebola can spread through contact with an infected person’s perspiration. And, as we all know, unfortunately, there’s plenty of sweat present at the Olympics.

Disposable gloves protect people in a wide range of occupations. Doctors, nurses, and food prep workers all wear hand protection to keep infection down. However, for this reason, anyone else who contacts the public, such as subway workers and janitorial crews, should make sure that they’re wearing proper hand protection as well.

Because of this, we highly recommend investing in a solid pair of disposable work gloves — such as our RDNPF: KeepKleen® 4 mil. Powder-Free Nitrile Disposable Gloves. These gloves are a great middle ground between our disposable styles. While they’re tough enough to protect you against harmful diseases while you’re hard at work, they’re also advantageous since they can be easily discarded and replaced with a clean new pair between jobs.

2. Flexible Work Gloves for Construction Workers:

Construction is as much a part of Olympic tradition as any sporting event.
The scope of new construction and renovation work for any summer Olympics is enormous. The Rio subway expansion alone was so precarious that The Wall Street Journal reported that many worried it might not be finished on time. Then there was the Velodrome — which was on a similarly tight schedule.

Construction crews begin working years in advance to build, renovate, and expand the location to accommodate not just the Olympic games, but also, thousands of fans who come from far and wide to watch the events. Because of this, it’s an understatement to say that construction is an extremely important aspect of the preparation.

Because of this, it’s crucial for construction workers to wear work gloves that will protect their hands from the various demands of their work.

One of the most versatile glove styles for the construction industry is our STAGYPNVB: TenActiv™ Anti-Impact Hi-Viz Gloves with Micropore Nitrile Grip. Recently recognized as an ISHN Attendees’ Choice Winner at ASSE 2016, these gloves combine impressive impact protection, high dexterity, and cut and puncture resistance with hi-viz fabric that helps keep workers safer — even in low-light conditions. Trust us: these gloves will be your new best friends on the construction site.

3. Durable Gloves for Security and Law Enforcement:

It’s hard to imagine the challenges involved with providing security for a sea of people from every corner of the globe. The risks range from contact with pathogens to physical dangers such as cuts and punctures. However, there’s no need to fear — we have the PPE products that will provide the protection that those in the security and law enforcement field need.

A smiling police officer with his patrol car in the background.
Since they were designed specifically for this industry, our MXBGXKL: Clutch Gear® Arc Flash Grain Goatskin Mechanics Gloves with Carbon Backing are an excellent choice. A champion in their own right, these gloves will ensure that you’re ready for nearly any hazard or risk that could arise while you’re on the job. In addition to their impressive ANSI level 3 puncture resistance, ANSI level A2 cut protection, and ANSI level 2 heat protection, thanks to their carbon backs, these gloves are also rated at level 2 for arc flash protection, meaning that they provide reliable protection against low to medium arc flash hazards. While these gloves are tough enough for heavy-duty applications, the grain leather used in their makeup will conform to your hands to give you a fit that’s comfortable enough to wear all day long. And who doesn’t want that?

It takes an awful lot of work prepare for Olympic games and keep them running. Thousands of construction workers, janitors, nurses, food-prep workers, hotel staff, and numerous other men and women work tirelessly to keep the events on track and make sure that everything goes smoothly throughout the games. And, for many of them, hand protection isn’t just a good idea; it’s a requirement.

You might never have a job on an Olympic work crew, but you can have world-class personal protective equipment. We never tire of the research it takes to develop the best.

Want to take your work — and safety — to the next level? Think any of the styles we’ve mentioned above could be what you’ve been missing in the workplace? Why not request your free sample of our gloves (maybe even our MXBGXKL ones, pictured below) to find out if they’re right for you? All you have to do is click the button below. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

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