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3 Earth Day Clean-Up Precautions You Should Be Taking

Earth Day is an annual event held on April 22nd around the world. This is an important event for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s a great opportunity to spruce up your neighborhood
  2. Raises awareness to pollution and destruction of our ecosystem
  3. Creates a dialogue for ways that we can improve our communities year round

Earth Day is a great opportunity to clean up your town, and it’s an event that Superior Glove wholeheartedly supports.

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That being said there are some precautions that you should take before setting out on a Earth Day clean-up blitz.


Precaution #1: Proper Foot Protection

1970 is widely considered to be the birth year of Earth Day. It took place in tens of thousands of colleges, universities, secondary schools and communities across the United States.

The goal was to bring “20 million Americans out into the spring sunshine for peaceful demonstrations in favor of environmental reform,” according to Jack Lewis in his article The Birth of the Environmental Protection Agency.

While there’s nothing nicer than a sunny spring day after a long winter, the earth underneath your feet is thawing.

That means pooling water, mud and a big potential for wet feet.

When you’re gearing up for Earth Day 2018, make sure you have a reliable pair of Wellington Boots.

rubber boots


Recycling Bins and Sturdy Garbage Bags

These two items are a must for any successful Earth Day clean up.

Now that recycling pick-up is widely available in smaller towns and rural areas, there no reason that everything should be thrown into bags for the landfill.

Plastic and metal containers are accepted under most recycling programs in North America, but if you’re feeling creative on reducing waste, Mic.com has 15 surprising items that can be recycled from wine corks to running shoes.


Hand Protection

It comes as no surprise that you’ll be using your hands a lot for Earth Day clean up.

Most organizations will provide cotton gloves or leather fitter gloves — but neither option provides a lot of protection in these cases.

Here are two incredible Earth Day options:


The Eco-Friendly Option:

Dexterity® NT 15-gauge Cotton Knit with Nitrile Palms S15NT

This glove is perfect if you need a little bit of protection from snags, abrasion or pokes.

What makes this glove eco-friendly is that it is 100% biodegrable.

The cotton shell will degrade in one to two months and the blue palm coating has a special additive that will permit it to degrade in six months.


The Heavy Duty Option:

If there’s a chance that you’ll encounter scrap metal or discarded needles during your Earth Day clean up, you’re going to require a more heavy duty option.

Although we recommend using tools to hand these items, you can never be too safe.

In these cases, we recommend this glove:

s10lxpb Dexterity® 10-Gauge Cotton/Poly Knit Glove with Hi-Viz Latex Palm Lined with Punkban™
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While the shell of this glove is a cotton/polyester blend, the palm of the glove is lined with Punkban™ hypodermic needle-resistant material.

Punkban™ is also highly cut resistant for added piece of mind and can be worn over top of a disposable glove for liquid protection if it’s a wet and rainy Earth Day.


Happy Earth Day From Superior Glove!

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