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3 Best Heat-Resistant Gloves with Dexterity

When it comes to heat-resistant gloves, one of the requests we get all the time is for a glove that offers excellent protection against heat hazards without being too thick and cumbersome.

That’s because workers fear that the bulkiness of a glove that offers such a high level of heat protection could interfere with their ability to get work done by inhibiting their full range of movement.

However, never fear: Superior Glove is here!


We get it: dexterity is key.

That’s why we’ve harnessed the power of engineered yarns to create a range of work gloves for excellent heat resistance and flexibility to get the job done.

If a combination of reliable heat protection and dexterity is what you’re searching for, here are three heat-resistant gloves with dexterity that would make great additions to your toolkit:


1. Cool Grip® Salt and Pepper String-Knit Glove with Heat-Resistant Silicone Strips

Cool Grip® Kevlar®/Carbon Fiber Reinforced Gloves with 4
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These gloves achieve an ANSI level 5 heat rating by combining a polyester-blend shell and silicone strips across the palm and fingers. These gloves are impressively dexterous for the amount of protection they provide.

Some of the other advantages of this style include:

  • ANSI level A3 cut resistance
  • Strips are contoured for improved comfort
  • Heat protection rated to 608°F (320°C)


2. Endura® Deluxe Cut-Resistant Welding Gloves

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Any welder will love this style! Rated at an ANSI level 2 heat level, these gloves provide reliable protection against on-the-job heat hazards.

Thanks to the split-cowhide used to make this style, they also offer a high amount of dexterity that improves with every wear.

Here are some of the other benefits of wearing our 505KGWS gloves:

  • Excellent ANSI level A5 cut resistance, with 2225 grams of cut protection
  • Gauntlet cuffs for forearm protection against sparks, heat, and abrasion
  • Generously sizing helps reduce hand fatigue
  • They’re extremely durable, making them perfect for heavy duty applications


3. Dexterity® Deluxe 18-Gauge Flame-Resistant Gloves with Neoprene Palms

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These aren’t traditional heat-resistant gloves. They were developed as arc flash gloves. However, the beautiful thing about technology is that something designed for one thing can overlap and be used for another.

This glove solves one BIG problem for glove wearers: Lacking fine motor skills while wearing heat-resistant gloves.

If you need to pick up small parts like nuts and bolts but are dealing with heat at maximum temperatures of 350°F, these gloves may be right for you.

Here are some of the other advantages they offer:

  • ANSI level A3 cut protection
  • Neoprene palms for improved grip
  • ESD (electrostatic dissipating) carbon filament to impart anti-static properties


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