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3 Hi-Viz Gloves that Protect from Cuts and Other Injuries

Cool guy wearing dark sunglasses outside.

These hi-viz gloves shine so bright, you might need to put on your shades!

As you’ve probably gathered by now, high-visibility work gloves are beneficial for a number of different reasons: they increase your on-the-job visibility, help increase PPE compliance, and even look pretty snazzy! And, as if those weren’t all good enough reasons to make the switch to hi-viz PPE, thanks to all of the technological advancements in the glove market in recent years, usually, the hi-viz quality of these types of PPE isn’t their only winning feature.

What do we mean by this? Well, if you’ve browsed through our high-visibility section, you’ve probably noticed that hi-viz gloves come in all different shapes in sizes. Depending on the style, there are some that offer reliable protection against punctures, impressive grip in oily work conditions, and even stellar cut resistance — all while boosting your visibility while you’re hard at work. Because of the large selection of hi-viz PPE out there these days, it’s usually very easy for companies to find a hi-viz style that will work for them.

Wondering what you’ve been missing? Here are three high visibility cut resistant gloves you need to meet:

1. STAHVPU: TenActiv™ Cut-Resistant Hi-Viz Composite Knit Gloves with Polyurethane-Coated Palms


Wow, these gloves sure are bright! Thanks to their fluorescent yellow colour, there’s no denying that our STAHVPU gloves will increase your visibility tenfold while you’re on the job. But did you know that they also provide ANSI level A2 cut resistance and ANSI level 3 puncture resistance? Add in the non-shedding polyurethane-coated palms, and you’ve got a winner on your hands!

2. STAGHVPN: TenActiv™ Hi-Viz Composite Knit Gloves with Micropore Nitrile Grip Composite Knit Glove made with Black Widow™ Grip Micropore Nitrile-IMG

Next up on our list of high visibility cut resistant gloves is our STAGHVPN style. With its fluorescent green shell and black micropore nitrile palm coating, these gloves will both make you more visible in the workplace and give you an impressive grip — even in slippery or oily work conditions. And, did we mention that they’re also rated ANSI level A4 for cut resistance, and provide ANSI level 3 abrasion protection and ANSI level 4 puncture resistance? Yup, you need these gloves in your life!

Last, but certainly not least …

3. STAGYPNVB: TenActiv™ Anti-Impact Hi-Viz Glove with Micropore Nitrile Grip™-Grip-Micropore-Nitrile-IMG

This style was recently chosen as an ISHN Attendees’ Choice Winner at ASSE 2016 — and it’s clear why! Thanks to their sharp aesthetic, when you wear these gloves, you can rest assured that you’ll both look good and be more visible while you’re hard at work. Additionally, these gloves also offer a number of other advantages in the workplace including an excellent grip, flexible TPR backing for reliable protection against impacts, and — you guessed it — ANSI level A4 cut protection!

Think these gloves might be what you’re missing in the workplace? Why not request a sample and try them out for yourself?


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