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3 Heat-Resistant Gloves to Make You Feel Like a Superhero

Heat Resistant Glove Super Hero

Heat and flames won’t stand a chance against these incredible gloves.
Superman can fly, the Flash has incredible speed, and you can be a superhero against heat and flames in your workplace when you wear industrial-grade heat-resistant gloves. There’s no magic or mystery involved, and you don’t need to duck into a phone booth (remember those?) to activate your superpower. Anyone can tame the heat — but only if they’re wearing the right PPE.

Here are three heat-resistant work gloves (as well as one honorary mention) that will keep you make you feel like a superhero when you’re on the job.

#1. PBI83514: Extreme Dragon PBI/Kevlar® High-Heat Gloves


When extreme dry heat is a hazard, our Dragon™ series will keep you safe and burn-free. Since they offer ANSI heat level 5 protection, these gloves provide top-of-the-line heat resistance. That’s a pretty incredible defence against Human Torch-level heat — up to 320ºC and 608ºF.

The outer Kevlar® shell won’t melt or combust when working with or around hot objects. And, the middle layer of the 100 percent virgin wool knit offers excellent insulation against burns. They’re lint-free, low-shedding, and offer protection that’s as safe as some of the best heat-resistant mitts with the dexterity of a seamless knit glove. And, as an added bonus, they’re available in both 14- and 18-inch lengths.

#2. SPFGSS: Cool Grip® Salt and Pepper String-Knit Glove with Heat-Resistant Silicone Strips

Cool Grip® Salt and Pepper String-Knit Glove with Heat-Resistant Silicone Strips

Heat and flames are no match for the silicone grip protection of the gloves in our Cool Grip® line. This 7-gauge single-layer glove is the perfect balance between high-heat resistance and dexterity.

The Kevlar® outer shell is your first line of defense against heat and flames. The blend of polyester and composite filament fiber for excellent heat and cut resistance acts like a mirror that deflects your arch nemesis — heat! — away from your hands faster than Wonder Woman’s bracelets! Add a curved, ergonomic shape and you’ve got extreme ANSI heat level 5 protection in a glove that doesn’t have excess bulk.

#3. SKSCTB: Heat-Resistant Kevlar® Gloves with SilaChlor® and Temperbloc™


Every superhero needs dexterity, and that’s what our high-performance Kevlar gloves with SilaChlor® and Temperbloc™ bring to the table. You won’t believe the level of protection that these ultra-comfortable, non-bulky gloves provide. This is high-heat, ANSI heat level 5 protection that’s an absolute breeze to wear.

The Kevlar® string knit shell stands up to heat and flames without melting, and the palms are coated with Superior Glove’s own Temperbloc™ material. It’s a blend of Kevlar® and silicone that outperforms leather in both wet and dry applications. A SilaChlor® palm lining resists temperatures up to an incredible 315°C or 600°F, rounding out these extremely protective gloves.

#4. KBKB1T: Protect Your Arms with Contender™ Flame-Retardant Sleeves with STAYz-UP™ Armbands and Thumbhole


Where would any superhero be without his trusty sidekick?

While gloves are a vital component of any superhuman heat-resistant gear, you can’t forget about arm protection. Our Contender™ Flame-Retardant Sleeves protect against sparks, flames and heat from wrists to shoulders.

Available in 18- and 22-inch lengths, these specially-engineered black Kevlar® sleeves have flame-retardant modacrylic wrapped around a composite filament fiber for heat and flame protection and ANSI level A4 cut resistance. Not only that, they’ll stay put — no matter what! STAYz-UP™ technology keeps them from sliding down, and the optional thumbhole keeps them down over your wrists for maximum coverage.

You don’t have to be born on another planet or have superhuman powers to get the best defence against heat and flame hazards. All you need to do is ask us for a free sample and try out the most sophisticated hand protection on the market.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our super amazing, heat-resistant gloves section and find your perfect fit today.


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