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4 High-Visibility Gloves That Do Double Duty


Physical protection and improved visibility make both sides of your work personality happy.
Sometimes you do more than one job. And, sometimes, a job poses more than one hazard. High-visibility work gloves come in handy in a number of different industries. No matter what you do for a living, there’s no question that improved visibility (especially in low-light conditions) can help make your workplace much safer.

Let’s take a look at some of our most popular hi-viz gloves that do double duty:

1. Excellent Arc-Flash and Flame Resistance:

Welders and other workers who are at a regular risk for arc flash and flame contact need a special kind of hand protection. Gloves should prevent the transfer of heat through to the hands and they should also resist melting. That’s how our MXVSBFR: Clutch Gear® Hi-Viz Flame-Resistant Arc-Flash Anti-Impact Mechanics Gloves perform.

Along with their eye-catching orange colour, here are some of the other advantages of these gloves:

  • Impact-resistant thermo-plastic rubber patches on the backs
  • ANSI level 2 arc flash resistance
  • ANSI level 3 puncture protection
  • Digitized leather palm patches are cushioned for added comfort and provide an excellent grip

2. Impressive Water and Cold Resistance:

Let’s face it: working outdoors when it’s cold and wet has got to be one of the most miserable experiences in the world. That’s why we offer the L200B: North Sea™ PVC Fully Coated gloves fully coated in PVC. These completely waterproof gloves will resist cracks and cold — even in temperatures below zero.
North Sea™ PVC gloves have a triple layer of foam and fleece jersey on the inside for added warmth. And, on the outside, hi-viz orange covers the gloves front and back.


3. Superb Impact-Resistant Mechanics Gloves:

Mechanics gloves are one of the marvels of the work glove industry. Not just restricted to mechanic work, of course, these flexible, protective gloves keep hands safe from abrasion, cuts, punctures, and impact threats that can come manufacturing, assembly, carpentry, electrical, and many other industries. Our MXVSBPB: Clutch Gear® Impact Protection Mechanics Glove Lined with Punkban™ provide excellent palm protection, and their hi-viz yellow-green fabric stands out in poor lighting conditions.

The black thermoplastic backing in this style is what guards against impacts. And our Punkban™ fabric will protect your hands against punctures — even ones from a hypodermic needle. Add to that a flexible glove body, and you’ve got a new favorite pair of gloves.


4. Reliable Gloves to Wear in the Oil Patch:

Which would you rather wear: gloves that are suitable for the oil patch or ones that were specifically engineered for it? Clutch Gear® Anti-Impact Oilfield Glove with Armortex® Palms have abrasion-resistant palms and impact-resistant backs, with ample dexterity factored in throughout.
MXVSBA-Superior-Glove-480-high-visibility-abrasion-resistant-gloves-IMGSince it’s tear- and puncture-resistant, Red Armortex® fabric was designed for the security and defense sectors. The thermoplastic patches on the backs of these gloves also provide phenomenal protection against bangs and knocks, and the hi-viz yellow-green fabric improves excellent visibility on the job.

It’s not often that you find an industry with only one hazard. And, in most lines of work, visibility is an issue. But, with hi-viz gloves that are industry-specific, you can get the physical protection that you want and the improved visibility that you need — all at the same time. It’s a win-win!

Don’t just take our word for it: try a great new pair of gloves for yourself. Request your free sample pair so that you can find out firsthand how much of a difference they’ll make in your workplace.


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