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4 Reasons to Buy Work Gloves in Bulk

Is Superior Glove the Costco of PPE? In a way, it can be. Bulk shopping devotees know that the benefits of stocking up go far beyond snagging free samples in the dairy department. When you buy work gloves in bulk, you put your business in an advantageous position on several fronts. Here are just a few of them.

Work gloves in bulk


#1: You’ll Never Run out of Stock

Personal protective equipment can’t work if it’s not used. And workers can’t use it if there isn’t any on hand. Bulk buying keeps plenty of stock available so workers don’t have to choose between wearing old, worn-out work gloves (or none at all) and being safe on the job.

We’ve manufactured and supplied thousands of work glove styles to businesses around the world for over 100 years. Superior Glove was a wholesale dream for keeping well stocked long before bulk buying was cool.

Work gloves in bulk

The more you buy in bulk, the more savings add up.


#2: Bulk Pricing Helps Keep Budgets in Check

Probably the most obvious benefit of buying work gloves in bulk is the cost. But just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean it’s not worth repeating. When you stock up you save money. And unlike shopping clubs, there’s no membership fee. Who says you have to spend money to save?

Saving money not only helps in the here-and-now, it also helps support a better safety and health program. The better you’re stocked, the safer employees will be. And the less you spend on work gloves, the more resources you can divert toward elements of your safety program that need more attention.


#3: You’ll Spend Less Time Shopping

Shopping for a new TV might be fun. But shopping for PPE takes time out of your day that could be devoted to something else. When you buy in bulk, you’ll spend less time placing orders and more time managing the most pressing elements of your job.

Another Superior Glove benefit is our advocate partnership program. Shopping for new PPE can confuse the most seasoned safety and health manager. That’s doubly true when you consider new glove technology. Advocacy gives you a partner to help analyze the work gloves you’ve got and discover what will work best for your business.


#4: The Usual Cons of Bulk Shopping Don’t Apply

Everyone who has pushed an oversized shopping cart through a wholesale warehouse store knows the biggest downside to bulk shopping. When you stock up, you run the risk of spoilage and ultimately loss. But work gloves won’t turn feral like a forgotten case of potatoes under the cupboard.

Storage can sometimes be a problem, as well. But good planning makes that a non-issue. According to Business Insider, the bottom line to all bulk shopping is the price per unit. If you buy work gloves in bulk, you save money per unit.

Superior Glove might not have a massive parking lot, behemoth shopping carts and free cubes of cheddar in the dairy aisle. But we offer something a lot better for industries that need reliable, high-quality work gloves.


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