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4 Reasons Why You Need Kevlar® Winter Work Gloves

Why Kevlar® Winter Work Gloves, You Ask?

There are a four different factors that you need to consider when choosing a winter work glove:

  1. Will the gloves be warm enough?
  2. Will the gloves be comfortable?
  3. Will the glove be flexible?
  4. Will the glove be durable over time?

This blog aims to answer that and explain how Kevlar® Winter Work Gloves can help.

1. Choose Yarn That’s Blended with Kevlar®

It’s no secret that Kevlar® is a phenomenal choice when you’re in need of products that have impressive strength and durability.

If you’re looking for a high amount of cut protection in cold weather, opt for gloves that were made with a Kevlar® blend like those in our SCXTAPVC.

Emerald CX® Cut-Resistant Kevlar®/Steel Winter Glove with PVC Palm Product ID: SCXTAPVC
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(Those of you who work in the construction and mechanical sectors will love these gloves!)

Why are they so effective?

The gloves are wrapped in a special way to give them stellar cut resistance. On top of that, the PVC coating is great for abrasion and puncture. It goes three-quarters of the way up the back of the glove to reduce water soak-through, while giving maximum flexibility.


2. Kevlar® Liners are Much Finer!

For those working in the industrial, manufacturing, forklift driving, steel plants, and construction industries, it’s useful to ensure that the gloves you’re wearing are anti-impact ones.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to choose gloves that have been lined with Kevlar®.

Accordingly, a material that’s both stronger than leather and often combined with Kevlar® is goatskin.

This winning combination of materials provides a high amount of impact protection while still offering great flexibility and durability.

Gloves that feature both Kevlar® with the tested and true Thinsulate™ are also extremely effective in multiple ways: since Thinsulate™ is known for being a good, thin insulator, gloves created with both of these materials are not only cut-resistant and long-lasting, but warm, too!

Endura® Kevlar®-Lined Waterstop™/Oilbloc™ Winter Goat-Grain Drivers Glove Product ID: 378GOBTKL
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3. Stitch ’Em Up With Kevlar®

Since Kevlar® is such a strong and flexible material, it’s often used in unexpected ways.

For example, some of the top glove manufacturers now offer Kevlar® in their stitching. This is advantageous since this unique feature offers an increased level of protection.

Cold weather conditions provide a serious challenge for those in professions that require a high amount of precision.

One example is that lineman need to keep warm while maintaining dexterity and avoiding being electrocuted.

In these types of situations Kevlar® stitching can be a major asset.

Endura® Deluxe Winter Lineman Glove With Double-Weight Thinsulate™ and 2
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4. Superior Glove Offers the First 3D Ergonomic Glove Crafted with Kevlar®

We’ve designed the ultimate cold weather work gloves for those who work outdoors in scenarios where precision is key.

Our 3D Ergonomic gloves are unique in that they curve to fit the shape of your hand.

These winter work gloves combine buffalo leather with finely stitched Kevlar® thread, flame-retardant reflective striping, and Thinsulate® for added warmth.

Endura® Kevlar®-Lined Winter Anti-Impact Goatskin Driver Gloves With Oilbloc™ Product ID: 375KGTVB
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As you can see, opting for cold weather work gloves crafted with Kevlar® gives you the assurance that your gloves were crafted with one of the world’s most renowned and durable materials.

Because of this, work gloves made with Kevlar® are gloves that you know you can always count on: they’ll always provide you with an unparalleled level of protection!

When they’re designed with the right materials, Kevlar® gloves are an exceptionally safe and effective option that’ll solve nearly all of your hand protection needs in the wintertime.


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