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The Perfect Stocking Stuffers: 4 Santa-Approved Winter Gloves

Jolly Old St. Nick is a whole lot jollier when his hands aren’t numb from flying around the world in his open-top sleigh.

Carrying loads of toys across rooftops is easier when you can feel your fingers, too.

What makes Santa such a happy fellow when anyone else might be altogether grumpy? A great pair of winter gloves.


If you want to be more like Santa (and stay off the naughty list), here’s how you can protect your hands this year:


1. Endura® Winter Anti-Impact Kevlar®-Lined Goatskin Gloves:

Endura® Winter Anti-Impact Kevlar®-Lined Goatskin Driver Gloves with Oilbloc™ 375KGTVB
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Outdoor work can’t wait until summer. These winter anti-impact gloves are a Christmas Miracle! The Thinsulate™ lining made them incredibly comfortable to wear and will keep you warm without overheating.

For added protection against sharp cuts, these gloves also combine an impressive cut resistance with fantastic flexibility.

With these babies, even the abominable snowman won’t be able to keep up!


2. Emerald CX® Cut-Resistant Kevlar®/Steel Winter Gloves:

Emerald CX® Cut-Resistant Kevlar®/Steel Winter Glove with PVC Palm SCXTAPVC
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Just because he has white hair doesn’t mean Santa doesn’t keep up with technology.

These winter gloves are warm of course, but the crinkle-grip PVC palms are touchscreen compatible so you can play Angry Birds without losing a digit in a burst of cold air.

These terry-lined gloves are all-around versatile.

They offer good cut and abrasion resistance, and are great for the cold storage, construction, agriculture, and utilities industries.

And, because they keep their flexibility in cold weather, you can handle dexterous work — such as tying fancy bows on presents.


3. Clutch Gear® Winter-Lined Goatskin Mechanics Gloves:

Clutch Gear® Winter-Lined Goatskin Mechanics Glove Product ID: MXGCETFL
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Hauling his sack of toys around can be demanding work. When it comes to longer lifespan and resistance from friction, Santa would be wise to choose the MXGCEFTL.

Goatskin leather is called the strongest leather on Earth, and split leather patches reinforce this palm for incredible abrasion resistance.


4. Dexterity® Winter-Lined Nylon Gloves with PVC Palm:

Dexterity® Winter-Lined Nylon Gloves with PVC Palm SNTAPVC
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St. Nick can’t resist these crimson-coloured winter-lined gloves and you probably shouldn’t either.

They combine so many different features that you need in a winter work glove. They’re flexible and stay that way when it’s frigid.

Two layers of fabric – 15-gauge nylon lined with soft fleece – and a PVC-coated palm keep you dry and retain their grip when wet.

After the holidays are over, they’re also great for work in fisheries, agriculture, construction, utilities and cold storage.


Still don’t believe us? Watch the video!


Happy Holidays to everyone from Superior Glove!


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