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4 Ways to Keep Hands Warm (and Dry) in Winter

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One of the biggest pains in cold-weather conditions is trying to keep your hands warm. But how can you do that if the material your gloves are made of leaks? To avoid this, you should choose gloves that will not only wick away moisture, but stop freezing water from seeping into your hands altogether.

When working outside in winter, you’ll most likely come contact with water, snow, or ice – or, in all likelihood, all three! For this reason, when it comes to winter work gloves, many people find that their best option is to choose gloves that are specifically designed to be water resistant.

Here are the key elements you should look when choosing water-resistant work gloves!

1. Get a Reliable Palm Coating

To prevent your gloves from soaking up moisture and wetness, choose a pair with a reliable palm coating; the coating will stop water from being absorbed through your palms when you come into contact with it. Because of this, investing in gloves with a palm-coating or liner is wise if you know you’ll be coming into contact with water at some point during your workday and want to stay dry!

If your hands will be immersed in water, then wearing gloves that are fully coated is your best option. If you know your entire hand will be exposed to water and you’re only wearing palm-coated gloves, they won’t stop the water from entering through the various other angles that aren’t fully coated (that means wet, cold hands). And, as we all know, getting your gloves wet will not only affect their functionality, but it’ll make you that much colder as well.

2. Avoid Cotton

In a nutshell, cotton and water shouldn’t mix, since cotton not only absorbs water, but sweat as well! If you do wear cotton materials in the wintertime, the cotton will keep the water right next to your skin and, as a result, make it cooler as well. Instead of opting for cotton, to keep your hands dry, choose materials like polypropylene or wool!

3. Get a Grip

Making your gloves lose their dexterity when they’re wet is another evil thing that water does. Don’t let this happen! You need to have a good grip while wearing your gloves at all times. Otherwise, performing even the simplest of tasks can be challenging. To combat this, make sure you look for winter work gloves that offer a high level of dexterity.

4. Remember Your Enemy

Water is warmth’s arch-nemesis. When selecting winter work gloves, never forget that water conducts heat away from the body quickly and dramatically. In fact, since water has a much greater density, it does this 25 times faster than air does! While this can be great for cooling off on a summer day, this is the opposite of what you want when you’re working outside in cold weather. Remember that staying dry = staying warm!

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