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The Best Work Gloves for Landscaping

We’re going to lay down the lawn: if you work in landscaping, you need to wear appropriate work gloves.

Shovel in the garden

According to Liberty Mutual Insurance  “landscaping workers make up less than 1% of the U.S. workforce, yet, they experience 3.5% of the total occupational fatalities.”

That statistic is a bit scary. The good news is that the types of injuries typically associated with landscaping job are easily preventable.


Here are five gloves that you need for all your landscaping needs.

Clutch Gear® Hi-Viz Mechanics Glove Fully Lined with Punkban™

Clutch Gear® Hi-Viz Mechanics Glove Fully Lined with Punkban™
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Why They’re Great:

  • Hi-Viz lime green backs.
  • ANSI A5  cut resistance on palm.
  • Fully lined with Punkban™.

This glove is perfect for working small impact hazards that cause severe damage to the hands. The hi-viz back makes it easy to see if you’re working in a hedge. 

Our Customer Ted was working with a bush native to Alaska called Devils Club,he kept getting little thorns in his hands.

Now he uses the MXHV2PB and his hands stay safe from those nasty little thorns.


VibraStop™ Anti-Vibration Full-Finger Gloves

Vibrastop Anti-vibration full finger gloves
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Why They’re Great:

  • Special layer of vibration-dampening padding on the palms and fingers.
  • EN ISO/ANSI approved protection against vibration.
  • 7-gauge shell is durable and fits comfortably.

Hands and arms can take a lot of abuse from equipment that gives off a high level of vibration. The S10VIB perfect for all your gas powered machines.

Still not convinced? Our customers have remarked that “these gloves do a fantastic job at reducing vibrations when you wear them, the vibration feel in the hands is gone.”



Dexterity® 10-Gauge Kevlar® Knit Gloves with Latex Palms

Dexterity® 13-gauge Nylon with Textured Latex Palms
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Why They’re Great:

  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • 13-gauge with textured palms for better grip.
  • Moisture-wicking nylon makes these gloves great for hot days.


These gloves are perfect for working with sprinkler systems. The S10KLX’s black color is also great at hiding dirt, which will help keep your gloves looking great over time.

Dexterity® 13-gauge High-viz Polyester with Microfinish-Grip Foam-Latex Palm Coating


Dexterity® 13-gauge High-viz Polyester with Microfinish-grip Foam-Latex Palm Coat
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Why They’re Great:

  • ANSI Level 3 puncture resistance.
  • Double-layer microfinish-grip foam latex palms.
  • Ergonomically fit for comfort.


The S13HVLX and your hands will stay cool in the heat. You’ll be able to see them with the vivid green color. They are great for pruning trees and shrubs.


Endura® Cotton Palm-Lined Grain Fitters Gloves

Endura® Cotton Palm Lined Grain Fitters Glove
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Why They’re Great: 

  • Cow grain gloves are perfect for heavy-duty wear.
  • Resistant to oil and water.
  • Elastic backs to ensure snug fit.


Since the phrase “landscape work” is often code for heavy lifting, long hours in the heat and sun, and exposure to cuts, scrapes, and other hazards, your best bet is a pair of work gloves that offer protection from all of that. Because of this, you’ll love wearing the 76B.

Landscaped backyard

Next time your landscaping, don’t ditch the gloves. Trust us: there’s a much better solution out there, and it comes in the form of proper work gloves. For more information about these gloves, click the Get My Sample Button.


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