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4 Work Gloves You Need for Black Friday 2016

We’ve waited all year for this day, it’s Black Friday shopping! That means it’s time for standing in line, pushing to the front of the crowd and diving in head first to grab the last of the latest and greatest must-have gift.

This day is not for the faint of heart. But if you’re committed and have a game plan, here’s how Superior Glove can help you come out the other side of the busiest shopping day of the year unscathed.

This video by the Salt Lake Tribune was the tamest Black Friday shopping video on YouTube and it still looks like mayhem is ready to start at any moment.


1. Go Covert with Camo Gloves:

Black Friday shopping can feel a bit like a stealth mission. You have to move from point A to point B, grab the gift, and get back out again before another shopper finds your position. We’ve got you covered.

Our Superior Touch® Camo print nylon gloves let you hide in plain sight. Polyurethane offers a great tactile feel and they have excellent dexterity when rummaging through a bin of hot sale items. They’re comfortable, flexible and lightweight too.


2. Resist Bumps and Bruises with Anti-Impact Gloves:

Black Friday shopping is a full contact sport, it’s almost as if the stores plan it that way. Needless to say, if you’re participating in this shopping experience, expect a few bumps and bruises by the end of the day.

With Dexterity® Anti-Impact Cut-Resistant gloves, you’ll have great hand protection. Now you can work your way through a crowd knowing that the back-of-hand protection is there to keep your hands safe.

3. Baby, it’s Cold Outside! Dexterity® Winter Gloves Help:

If you’ve ever stood in line for a Midnight Madness sale then you know just how a cold gust of wind can make you question your commitment to holiday shopping. But with Dexterity® winter-lined gloves, you’ll stay warm as toast… and they’re festive red!

These winter gloves have a lot going for them:

  • 15-gauge nylon on the outside and soft fleece on the inside.
  • They’re great against accidents such as punctures (you can never be too safe around the needles of a Christmas tree).
  • PVC palm coating resists adhesives — finally there’s something that pine sap won’t stick to!


4. Don’t Lose Touch. Wear Touchscreen-Compatible Gloves:

Is there anything worse than losing track of your shopping partner in a crowd? If you wear touchscreen-compatible gloves, you won’t have to choose between staying warm and sending a text.

Our Emerald CX® Cut-Resistant Kevlar®/Steel Winter glove gives you serious hand protection. These have protection against cuts, abrasions and losing your grip on a prize holiday gift.

The PVC palm coating is specially formulated to stay flexible even in colder temperatures.


Whether you’re spending the day Black Friday shopping or you’re at work, hand protection is no joke.

Think one of these gloves would work for your team? Get a FREE sample to test out at your facility!


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