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Our 5 Favorite Safety Blogs From 2016

Can’t believe that 2017 is almost here? Neither can we! We wanted to wrap-up 2016 by showcasing five of our favorite safety blog posts from 2016. So whether you missed them the first time or just want to reread them, here they are:


1. The 7 Dangers of Rogue Glove Buying:

Rogue glove buying is when a company has a non-standardized PPE program, which can be dangerous and expensive. We spoke with Michael Johannesson, our Advocate Hand Protection Program specialist, who explained the common mistakes that are made when creating hand protection programs and he offered some helpful tips for fixing them.

Highlight From This Blog: “Drop the cost questions, add the safety questions and it’ll always work out.”

Hand Protection Program. Consultation


2. Cut-Proof Gloves and Other Misconceptions About Cut Resistance:

After our sales team received a higher-than-usual amount of inquiries for cut-proof gloves, we decided to set the record straight by looking at common misconceptions about cut resistance.

Highlight From This Blog“Cut-proof gloves are the unicorns of the safety world — no, not magical and wonderful. I mean entirely mythical. There is no such thing as a cut-proof glove. If there was, we would only manufacture and sell one glove and it would be called the “Perfect Glove 3000” and this job would be pretty boring.”


3. [Quiz] What’s Your Safety IQ?:

This nine questions quiz has been taken over 1,800 times. It looks at how the human brain works and is backed by research. Compare your score with your coworkers’ for office bragging rights.

Highlight From This Blog: Without giving any answers away “the human brain can hold one million gigabytes of information. If you’re anything like me, 85% of that is wasted on Simpsons quotes…”

Hand Protection Program. Consultation


4. Jill Clements of DuPont on Purchasing High-Strength Textiles:

In July, we sat down with Dupont Senior Applications Research Engineer Jill Clements to talk about high-performance safety apparel and how to choose the right PPE for each workplace.

Highlight From This Blog: “The technology and engineering behind these specialty yarns is allowing the industry to move to a place that it’s never been by manufacturing apparel that will increase both worker safety and comfort.”


5. The Big Difference Between ANSI and EN388 Cut Test Methods:

In February, the North American and European cut resistance levels were updated to spread out the range of grams to cut for each level. This blog identifies the difference between the two standards and how they are being updated.

Highlight From This Blog: “The most important thing to remember is that these two tests are not equivalent. A glove that held up for 3059 grams to cut on the EN388 scale, can’t be considered an ANSI Cut Level A6 (3000 to 3999 grams to cut).”


Additional Resources:

Looking for more safety blogs to follow? Here are three of our favorites:

Work Safe BC: 

Work Safe BC is an organization in British Columbia that partners with workers and employers to “help British Columbians come home from work safe every day.” While the labor laws are BC-focused, the blog has a lot of information on hazards from drywall to ladders to sawmills and the preventative measures that workers and companies should take to reduce injuries.

Arbill Safety:

Whether it’s tips for workplace first aid or calculating the painful costs of slips, trips and falls, Arbill’s blog covers it in an educational and informative manner.


The Occupational Health and Safety blog has a wealth of information from their own writers and experts in the safety and health community on a variety of topics related to worker safety.


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