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5 Reasons Why We Love Dyneema® (And Why You Should, Too!)

DSM began manufacturing polyethylene in 1959. Then, in 1990, they invented the gel-spinning process that they used to create the first ever Dyneema® fiber.

Because of its durability Dyneema® is used in a wide range of different products – everything from hiking shoes, racecar seat belts, medical stitching, bulletproof vests, and some of our best cut-resistant work gloves!

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Here are some of the many reasons why we love this fiber:


1. Dyneema® is Extremely Tough:

Take 30 seconds on YouTube and you’ll find a dozen videos that talk about why Dyneema® rope is amazing and that’s because it has a really high strength-to-weight ratio.

We explain this in-depth in our article Dyneema Vs. Kevlar: The Ultimate Showdown.

But the basic overview is that Dyneema® has a very light density, so if you’re carrying it for long periods, it won’t weigh you down as much.

While it doesn’t make much of a difference for your gloves, they will feel lighter… and somedays we all need a bit of extra help.

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2. It Provides Stellar Cut Resistance:

Dyneema® is known for its cut resistance.

DSM has also recently developed a product known as Dyneema® Diamond Technology. This combination of unique polymers with engineered micro-particles is amazing, because on its own, it has an ANSI cut level A3 rating.

Although it has a good cut rating on its own, the most amazing aspect of this yarn is that it can be combined with other very fine types of yarn in order to improve the level of cut resistance that your gloves provide, while maintaining their light weight!

We even used this technology to make the world’s thinnest cut-resistant glove.


3. It Won’t Make You Itchy:

Unlike other products, Dyneema® gloves and sleeves won’t cause your hands or arms to feel itchy like other materials used in protective equipment do.

This is because the fibers are so thin – which means that unlike products made with fiberglass, the miniscule Dyneema® fibers won’t individually poke through the product and cause itchiness.

This also means that your employees won’t be tempted to remove their protective gear because their skin feels irritated.

Since 70% of all hand injuries occur when people aren’t wearing their gloves, this is a huge plus!


4. Dyneema® Can Be Washed in Bleach:

One of the other major benefits of buying PPE made with Dyneema® is that they can be washed in bleach– without negatively affecting the fiber.

That’s a huge plus if you’re working in industries like food preparation where contamination is a concern.

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5. It is Cost Efficient:

Thanks to the fact that they can be washed, gloves and sleeves made with Dyneema® fiber can become cost effective over time.


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