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5 Things You Probably Missed at NSC 2016

The week is over, the excitement is done and NSC 2016 Congress and Expo is finished. The week was a success, packed with keynote speakers, awards ceremonies and new products to see. This is North America’s Largest Annual Safety Conference, so whether you attended in person or spirit, chances are you didn’t see everything. We’ve put together a list of the top five things you probably missed at NSC 2016.


1. OSHA Safety Guidelines updated for first time in 30 years:


The update includes the adding “Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programs.” It aims to help employers build a step-by-step approach to improve the safety and health in their workplaces. The guidelines have also been updated to reflect changes in the economy, workplaces, and new safety and health issues.

“We really need to take safety into the 21st century,” agency administrator David Michaels said during the presentation on Tuesday. “We think this is a big step forward.”

The guidelines apply to various industries, but the construction industry will now have its own recommended practices for safety.

“Every employer, no matter the size, no matter the industry, should have a safety and health program,” Michaels said.


NSC Conference and Expo Take Aways


2. Halloween Disneyland is cool:


NSC Conference and Expo Take Aways


No trip to Anaheim, California is complete without a trip to Disneyland and Halloween is the coolest time of year to go. Main Street, U.S.A. is turned into a spooky yet family-friendly supernatural experience. Hundreds of jack-o-lanterns are strung along the streets to set the mood and everything from Mickey Mouse to the fireworks is Halloween themed. Disney’s Grand Californian hotel is turned into that room from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory where everything is edible. Imagine trying to host an award ceremony in a room like that! Oh, wait! DuPont™ Kevlar® held their innovation awards here.


NSC Conference and Expo Take Aways


3. You like us, you really like us:


Speaking of awards ceremonies, we were honored with two of the top awards at NSC 2016. Our Endura® Deluxe Cut-Resistant Welding Gloves Product ID: 505KGWS won the 2016 DuPont™ Kevlar® Innovation Award, as did our soon-to-be release Contender™ glove which was custom made for one of the big three automakers. Our Clutch Gear® Anti-Impact Gloves with D3O® Product ID: MXD3O also won second place in the Best in Show award for new product of the year. Thanks to everyone who voted, your support keeps us striving to improve hand protection products.


NSC Conference and Expo Take Aways


4. We’re still not as safe as we should be:


For the sixth year in a row, Fall Protection has topped OSHA’s list of the most frequent work site infractions. Fall protection doesn’t mean eye protection from the bright color of the changing leaves or cuts while carving jack-o-lanterns but rather infractions due to lack of guardrails or harnesses.

Other safety concerns that made it on the list included hazard communications like unlabeled chemicals, and improper use of ladders.

The top ten list is designed to highlight areas of great risk that need to be address by employers for the safety of their workers. The scary part is that these are infractions for activities that occur regularly on work sites, and the sixth year running means that employers aren’t fixing the problems!


NSC Conference and Expo Take Aways


5. The human side of injury prevention:


Keynote speakers Charlie Morecraft and E. Scott Geller took the stage for two hours to speak about decisions made by Morecraft that nearly cost him his life while Geller focused on the importance of reducing injury by creating a dialogue that creates a safety culture in the workplace. Geller recommended starting  with “safety self-talk” where a worker speaks to themselves about the task being performed to make safety habitual.


NSC Conference and Expo Take Aways


Big thanks to the National Safety Council for putting on the show and after a short rest, Superior Glove will be back at the drawing board figuring out what bigger and better items to showcase next year.

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