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8 Questions to Help You Select the Right Glove Manufacturer

80 percent of occupational injuries occur to the arms and hands. It sounds like a lot but it makes sense when you think about it: our hands are used in almost every activity on the job.  As much as education and safety training is critical, it is also important to ensure you have selected a good work glove manufacturer. So, with that in mind, here are the 8 questions you should ask to help you select the right glove manufacturer:

1. Do you make your own gloves or do you simply import from overseas?

Most people will say that they do, so a good follow up question is “can I visit your factory?” Any hesitation is a red flag.

2. Are you focused exclusively on gloves or are gloves one of many lines you carry?

Lack of focus is a bad sign. Would you want one healthcare practitioner to take care of your dental, physical, psychological and nutritional needs, or do you prefer to keep your dentist and GP separate?

3. Testing – do you test your own products or rely on manufacturer test results?

North American lab results are much more reliable than testing from overseas labs. Make sure you are getting accurate data.


4. Do you have industry partners (i.e., DuPont, DSM, etc.)?

These types of partnerships signal quality manufacturers. Big names brands do a lot of research before entering into these partnership agreements. Use their research and qualification system to your advantage – align yourself with the best.


5. What quality control procedures do you have in place?

Look for answers like TQM or ISO 9000. Again, lack of specifics here is a red flag. (Run, don’t walk).

6. What are you fill rates and inventory levels?

If they can’t answer, that’s a bad sign. You want to make sure the manufacturer is efficient at inventory management and will be able to fulfill your orders.

7. Can you manufacture custom products if needed? If so, what are MOQs (minimum order quantities) and lead-time?

This should be important to you. Safety compliance will be the most successful if you can provide your workers with gloves that feel good, fit well, and protect from every hazard specific to their job duties. You want to make sure your manufacturer can work with you to customize solutions if their current product offering doesn’t check off everything on your list.

8. Can you provide list of reference or testimonials?

The manufacturer should be happy and eager to provide these! References and testimonials are proof of solid relationships and successful partnerships. If they can’t provide any – process at your own risk.

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